Prayers Up: Young Noble Hospitalized After Having A ‘Serious Heart Attack’ | Music


Young noble Robber, 2 pacK’s rap group revealed on Sunday (May 23) that he had a “serious heart attack”, but is recovering in the hospital.

“Thank you to all my loved ones who were praying for me. 1 of the worst days of my life. I had a severe heart attack yesterday but God is very good and amazing doctors brought me back and he corrected me.” ., The 43-year-old rapper wrote on Instagram.

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“I plan to keep everything on hold in my life until I fully recover my health … It will only make me stronger. I am grateful for a second chance and I beg you Please Please Take Your Health Serious All unhealthy life takes hold sooner than a stressor! ” He continued.

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Outlawz was founded in 1995 after 2Pac’s release from prison. In 2015, Outlawz rapper Hussein Deadly Died in a car accident. He was 38 years old.



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