President Biden Extends Deportation Relief For Haitian Immigrants | National


On Saturday (May 22), the Biden administration announced that it would extend deportation protections and work permits to 54,000 Haitian immigrants living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). They will also allow thousands of other eligible Haitian to request relief.

According to CBS News, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Meyerkassi He said he would extend the TPS designation for Haiti by 18 months, which would allow current recipients to renew their defenses. Meyerkas also opened the program for new applicants, allowing eligible Haitian immigrants to apply for temporary protected status until they reached the US by 21 May.

“Haiti is currently facing serious security concerns, social unrest, increased human rights abuses, crippling poverty and a shortage of basic resources that are exacerbated by the COVID-19 epidemic,” Meyerkas said, According to CBS. “After careful consideration, we determined that until the situation in Haiti improves, we should do what we can to support Haitian citizens in the United States so that they can return home safely. “

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New jersey senator Bob menendez Stated that the expansion eligibility decision for the Haiti TPS program could benefit about 150,000 Haitian immigrants, including 100,000 potential new applicants.

Menendez said in a statement, “Since Haiti is undergoing a serious political and security crisis and facing humanitarian challenges, this decision provides the immediate necessary protection for qualified Haitian in the United States.” “The last thing our country should do is force an entire community in America to decide between packing their lives and separating their families from self-exile, or being unspecified and forced into the shadows of our society Still working.”

The Trump administration sought to end temporary protected status for Haitian immigrants. US law allows DHS secretaries to grant TPS to immigrants whose home countries are plagued by armed conflict, dealing with epidemics or recovering from natural disasters.

TPS for Haiti was first named by the Obama administration in 2010 after a deadly earthquake that caused extensive damage to the country that year. The program was set to end this fall until Trump termination efforts were reversed.



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