Aug 03, 2021 Entertainment

Remy Ma Talks Narrating New Series ‘My True Crime Story’

bronx rapper remi mai is using her voice in a new way by describing a new VH1 series, my true crime story, a show that she says is tied to her personal life, and she couldn’t say no.

The latest VH1 series takes viewers back in time as “ordinary people reveal how they engage in criminal acts ranging from bank robberies to jewelry robes, and share their road to redemption,” official website describes.

“When they broke it down for me and said these would be first person accounts of people who’ve been through the system, who went to jail, who planned it, I was definitely interested,” Remy said in a statement. interview with page six.

Remy once served seven years in prison after being found guilty of shooting a woman in Manhattan, New York, in 2007, though she still maintains her innocence.

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She shared, “At times, I feel like I’m fighting against my past, fighting about what’s in the blog, what someone said in a song, whatever’s happening. ” “And most of the time, it’s nowhere near the truth 99% of the time.”

In my true crime story, Remy would tell a variety of stories, some of which went under the radar.

The “Back Outside” artist continued, “We talk about how some of them were teenagers when they did these things, and how the teenage brain isn’t developed enough to make rational decisions all the time. Let’s talk about how people who have been abused often find themselves in “fight or flight” mode and do things they usually don’t because of their trauma. That’s how people come from poverty and will often do whatever needs to be done to feed themselves.”

Adding, “It can help us be more empathetic towards those we quickly dismiss.”

be sure to check my true crime story Only on VH1 on Mondays.