Rep. Ayanna Pressley Questions U.S. Aid To Israel In Wake Of Violence In Gaza, Jerusalem


Representative Ayana Pressley Last week questioned US monetary aid to Israel over violence in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. The Massachusetts legislature compared the conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli military to more familiar conflicts between black Americans who experience police violence.

“Palestinians are being treated the same as black people in America – there is no acceptable form of resistance. We are witness to serious human rights violations,” Pressley said on the floor of the House on Thursday evening, According to Boston globe.

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Israeli military continues to fire missiles at Gaza Strip, targeting Palestinian nationalist group Hamas with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Saying that he wants to “charge a heavy price” against them for launching rockets in Israel, According to CBS News.

In the second week of the latest fighting, Israeli rockets allegedly killed 200 Palestinians, including 55 children and 33 women, injuring more than 1,200, CBS News reported.

Pressley has publicly questioned the delivery of billions of dollars in US aid to Israel while Palestinian children and families have been harmed.

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The latest chapter in the long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians began with recent attempts to drive Palestinians out of parts of Jerusalem over land disputes. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Israeli police raided a mosque in Jerusalem, considered an Islamic holy site, to cease demonstrations.

Hamas, Which controls Gaza, fired rockets at several Israeli cities, including Jerusalem, in response. Israel responded to several airstrikes in Gaza, adding to the conflict.

Pressley said, “We cannot stand with laziness and collusion and allow the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people to continue.” “I am committed to ensuring that our government does not fund state violence in any form, anywhere … The question at hand is whether our taxpayer dollars would create conditions for justice, treatment and reparations , Or should those dollars create a state of oppression and apartheid? “

Presley House Aide, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Biden has also been a critic of the administration since the president Joe Biden Talked to Netanyahu and urged him to maintain peace in the area. Biden however, It also said that Israel has the right to protect itself Hamas attacks

“Do Palestinians have the right to survive?” Ocasio-Cortez said on the floor of the House. “Do we believe so? And if it is so, we are also responsible for it.”

During this, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Told reporters He welcomes any efforts by the United Nations or other countries to help smooth the ceasefire.

“Any diplomatic initiative that advances that possibility, we will support it,” he said. “And we are ready and willing to do it again. But ultimately it is up to the parties to make it clear that they want the ceasefire to proceed. “


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