Jul 16, 2021 Entertainment

Richard Sherman’s Wife Says NFL Star Threatened ‘To Kill Himself’ During 911 Call | Sports

New audio of 911 call made by Richard ShermanK.’s wife revealed that the NFL star and current free agent cornerback allegedly threatened suicide after drinking heavily one night.

kerio radio tweeted Audio of a 911 call featuring Sherman’s wife ashley Requesting a dispatcher to send police to his residence in Seattle.

“I need officers in my house now, my husband is drunk and belligerent,” she said. “He’s threatening to kill himself.”

She adds: “He is being aggressive, he is wrestling with my uncle, he is threatening to kill himself. He has sent text messages to people saying that he is going to hang himself.

As the operator attempts to pacify Ashley, she repeatedly states that no weapons are present, but Sherman states that she will confront the police if they respond.

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“He’s saying if the police come – please don’t shoot him what I’m asking,” Ashley continued on the call. “He doesn’t have any weapons. He said he would try to fight them if the police came.

When the 911 dispatcher asks Sherman’s wife how much alcohol her husband has drunk, she replies: “Two bottles – vodka and Hennessy.”

Sherman reportedly clashed with officers when they arrived at the home and was arrested by the Redmond Police Department. He was initially charged with domestic violence plagiarism.

Sherman was an All-Pro during his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks and played for the San Francisco 49ers until last season, before his contract with the team expired. He has yet to sign with another team as a free agent before NFL training camp begins this week.

Before Sherman’s arrest at his wife’s residence, Seattle Times reports He was involved in a single hit-and-run accident that seriously damaged his vehicle and he had to flee on foot. Police say he was taken to a local hospital and later cleared and booked at the King County Correctional Facility. Initially his bail was rejected.

Additionally, Richard Sherman appeared in court on Thursday (July 15) and was ordered to be released from prison following his arrest on a domestic violence charge of theft.

According to United States of America todaySherman waived his right to appear in preliminary court on Thursday and was represented by his lawyer, cooper offenbaker.

they were ordered by the judge famomoi masanian To surrender any firearms, prohibited from consuming any non-prescribed drugs or alcohol, and to be away from his father-in-law.

Sherman will return to court Friday morning to hear on four pending charges: second degree criminal trespass and third degree malicious mischief (with domestic violence designations), DUI, and resisting arrest. The charge of felony domestic violence has been dismissed.