Samuel E. Wright, Voice Of Sebastian In ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Dead At 74


Two-time Tony-nominated actor, Samuel E. Wright, Who lent her Trinidadian-accented voice to the character Sebastian the Crab in the 1989 film the little Mermaid, Dead.

Hollywood reportR There are reports that the 74-year-old died on Monday (May 24) at his Walden, New York home. Her daughter De kelly Told the outlet that he had been battling prostate cancer for three years.

“My beautiful, strong, loving Daddy is ready for his next adventure,” Kelly wrote in a tribute on Facebook, CBS News Report. “My heart has a lot to say but I am still processing the fact that the light that was my daddy and is not physically able to be here with me.”

He continued, “Please keep us wrapped in love and please, please keep talking about my daddy. Say his name today, tell his stories, smile by sharing what he has learned from someone. That’s what he would like. Today we are my daddy Celebrate Samuel E. Wright. “

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Born on November 20, 1946 in Camden, South Carolina, Wright made his Broadway debut in 1971. Jesus Christ Superstar, And played the lead role in the 1972–77 production Parmesan. In 1984, he earned his first Tony nomination for his portrayal as a stern father in music The tap dance kid. Wright also appeared as Clint Eastwood’s jazz legend, Dizzy Gillespie, before taking on his fun marine character in the Disney film bird In 1988.

Together with Walt Disney Records, the multi-talented actor recorded albums as Sebastian and later returned as courtier of King Triton. little Mermaid Prequel to CBS from 1992–94, and sequel The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea.

In 1997, he played the role of Mufasa in the Broadway adaptation The Lion King. He earned his second Tony nomination for the role in 1998.

He is survived by his wife, Amanda, and their children, Keeley, Dee and Sam.



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