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From 24 April, Sania Denis Has gone missing, and as the anniversary of her disappearance approaches, her family remains vigilant.

Authorities in Buffalo have already ruled that the 19-year-old Bronx native committed suicide by jumping into Niagara Falls, though her family says she is still missing and is determined to find him.

“Sania Dennis still missing” LatishaAccording to Denise’s mother, Amsterdam News. “His family and loved ones want him to be found!”

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Friends, family and community members have joined the army to find out what happened to Sania.

According to WIVBBuffalo State University Police say the hostess was last seen exiting her dorm on April 24. He was later captured in a video at a bus terminal.

Denise’s family has been searching in the Niagara Falls area since the time she found out that her phone was last pinged there near an area called Goat Island.

Erie County District Attorney John flinn At a press conference earlier this month announced that Denise’s disappearance was considered suicide based on text messages presented between her and an alleged ex-boyfriend, following a search operation where she allegedly herself Killing was discussed.

In an interview with Amnews, Community leader Miles Carter, who works with Dennis’ family, said they would continue the search regardless and would not stop until Dennis met.

“There is a constant effort to find Sania because the DA gave her her statement about her life,” Carter said. “There is a daily discovery in the gorge at Artpark State Park in Lewiston where the bodies will surface and have been in operation since May 30.”

Additionally, Carter said that people helping with the search are posting flyers all over western New York.

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Two weeks ago, Buffalo Mayor Brian brown Sania met Denise’s family When he claimed that he was disappointed at the lack of answers surrounding the teenager’s death. Brown claimed that their meeting helped.

“It was a good meeting with the parents, but they are obviously deeply concerned about their daughter’s whereabouts, and the parents are here in New York City to do everything they can to investigate the city Can help, “said said Mayor Brown, Wivb.

Anyone with information about Sania Dennis’ whereabouts can call 714-8333 or email the police at [email protected] You can also call the New York State Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3543.



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