Sep 09, 2021 Entertainment

Savage: Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North Hilariously Mocks Her Behavior In Viral Instagram Video | Celebrities

North West It has nothing to do with the unprofessional.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s The eldest daughter claims that her mother changes her voice in videos made to promote products.

While promoting items from her BoxyCharm line, Kardashian was interrupted by North and her niece penelope. In the series of videos, Kim says, “Hey guys, I just got my new BoxyCharm and I just wanted to share the super cute, amazing stuff with all of you.”

“My daughter is here trying to hate my BoxyCharm,” she said before asking North West to exit the video.

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Kim expressed her enthusiasm for the new box and jokingly shrugged off the North, saying, “North stop, it’s annoying.”

Confused, Kim tells North that he is the same person. After asking how she speaks differently, Reply mocks her, saying, “Hey guys, so today I got this new mask, and I got this new bronzer, [and] I got it!” she says.

Kim then jokingly asks her fans if she seems different and, before she can finish the question, replies, “Yes.”

See what happened below.


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