Simone Biles Makes History At U.S. Classic After Landing Yurchenko Double Pike


It’s been over a year Simon Biles The gymnast and five-time Olympic medalist have competed. But he made history with a stunning performance in the US Classic ahead of the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday (May 22).

24-year-old Yurchenko landed Double Pike, a vault skill she has been working on since last year, Washington Post Report. During a training session on Friday (May 21), he was seen practicing a move that was never done by a female gymnast in a competition.

Nevertheless, on the day of his competition, Biles shocked the judges and gained double pike skills, earning him a total of 16.1 points, The people Report. She officially became the first woman to complete the Yurchenko double pike in a competition.

A Yurchenko double pike consisted of Biles running down the runway, doing a roundoff on the takeoff board, followed by a half-turn on the fault with a back handspring and a double pomerus in a pike position.

“I was just thinking, do it like training,” Biles said NBC Sports After completing the vault. “Don’t try to overdo anything because I have a tendency, as soon as I raise my hand to overcome things and I did a little bit, but I was on my feet. It’s a new vault and I Proud of how it was today despite being a bit bumpy.

See him making history in the US Classic below:



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