Tank Provides Update On His Hearing | Music


On Wednesday (May 12), The tank Told his fans and followers that he was having problems hearing.

In an Instagram post, the R&B singer revealed that he is completely deaf in one ear and is losing hearing in the other.

He said in a selfie video, “I’m being completely deaf in my right ear. I’m losing voice in my left ear. Dizzy. Can’t walk in a straight line. It’s all out of nowhere.” “Don’t know how and why. Saw the doctors. MRI and all that good stuff going on. Medication.”

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“This ear is actually worse,” he said pointing to his right ear. “I did less testing today in terms of the things I can hear. Hopefully it starts going around quickly and I can get back there and do what I do, man. From what I do. Love you. “

In addition, Tank asked his fans to celebrate life and know their feelings about the people you respect. He encouraged followers not to wait until they were “deaf or in a wheelchair” and “appreciate us at the moment.”

Latoya Luckett, Monica, Carl Thomas And more commented on the tank’s IG post. Check it out below.



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