The Best Moments From the Friends Reunion

The Best Moments From the Friends Reunion

The moment we all were waiting impatiently finally arrived, and friend The reunion is officially available to watch on HBO Max.

Originally after a year of making the debut, we can now see Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt leblanc, Matthew perry And David schwimmer The show rejoins on the actual set as they recreate scenes, reminiscent of the old days and play some silly games along the way.

Whatever it was, the special included too much stuff. There were some bits that could be saved as additional content or a little more space over the entire hour and 40 minutes, but we have nothing else to complain about. We laughed, we cried and we just smiled as we watched the actors slip back into their old characters and relationships.

The year and a half we spent waiting for this thing was totally worth it, and now we can see it any time we want it for the rest of our lives / HBO Max’s life.


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