The Ending of ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Explained

Dec 06, 2021 Entertainment

The Ending of ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Explained

“Bad Boys for Life” is the third part of the “Bad Boys” trilogy. For those of you who enjoy the thriller genre, this trilogy is a must watch. The series is known for releasing parts with very long time gaps in between. The first film, “Bad Boys”, was released in 1995. After a hiatus of almost ten years, the next “Bad Boys II” was released in 2005. The third was finally released in 2020 after a gap of 15 years.

This was one of the reasons why people felt that the film might not do well at the box office. However, the film not only left the audience sitting on the edge of their seats, but also left a major easter egg at the end. In this article, we’ll try to find the Easter egg, and you’ll find an explanation of the ending to ‘Bad Boys for Life’.

The ending of the film is quite simple, with the bad guys getting caught and the “Bad Boys” still being an unbeatable pair. However, if you had stuck around by the end of the credits scene, you might have figured out the easter egg we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you missed an important part of the movie. However, you need not worry as we will tackle it in this article.

“Bad Boys for Life” Plot

The plot of the film is straightforward, however, we cannot discuss the ending without talking about the plot. The film begins with Marcus becoming a grandfather, and he is content with his non-adventurous life. On the other hand, we find that Mike is dissatisfied with his job as he faces friction with his other teammates. The two eventually meet, and Marcus informs Mike that he plans to retire from his job altogether. After a conversation, Mike is hit by a murderer. However, a lot of Mike’s backstory becomes apparent through this assassin.

The ending of 'Bad Boys for Life' explained
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in ‘Bad Boys for Life’.

The killer is said to be Mike’s son. This comes as a shock, as there has been no indication that Mike will be a father. The film reveals that once Mike was sent on a secret mission to Mexico. While there secretly, he had fallen for Isabelle, the owner of the Aretas drug cartel. Their relationship was strong enough, however, that Mike did his job honestly and got Isabel arrested. What she didn’t know was that she was pregnant with their child during that time. His son, Armando Armas, wanted to take vengeance on anyone responsible for the cartel’s downfall.

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The ending of ‘Bad Boys for Life’ explained

The climax of the film has also been kept quite simple. Mike and Marcus arrive in Mexico for their final mission together and try to track down Armando. A group of policemen also follow them for their safety. The entire team wants to capture Isabelle and her son once again. Mike tells Isabel about the whole situation, and she refuses to cooperate with the police.

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She then tries to run away. However, once again, Mike and Marcus capture her just before she leaves. This is when Armando shows up and is about to kill Mike. Marcus nearly injures himself while protecting Mike. Isabel then tells Armando that Mike is her father. Hearing this, Armando stops fighting with his father. This is the moment when the policemen come and arrest everyone.

The ending of 'Bad Boys for Life' explained
A scene from the movie ‘Bad Boys for Life’.

The ending reveals that Mike and Marcus are returning. Marcus has decided he doesn’t want to retire anymore, and Mike is reuniting with his other teammates. Now, this is where the mid-credits scene comes into play. In that scene, we are shown Mike visiting Armando in prison. He asks Armando if he wants to work with him, if so he can reduce his sentence as well. This is a major easter egg for the next film. Perhaps in the fourth film, we will get a father-son duo. It would be exciting to see someone else join the “Bad Boys” group.

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