The Most Pitch Perfect Moments in Adam DeVine & Chloe Bridges' Romance

Oct 14, 2021 Entertainment

The Most Pitch Perfect Moments in Adam DeVine & Chloe Bridges’ Romance

Ahhh, love!

pitch perfect actor Adam Devine and actress chloe bridge Recently married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after dating for six years. Their Stay immersed in work co stars Eric Griffin, blake anderson And anders holmo The couple attended the wedding, which took place two years after the couple got engaged.

“Were we crazy for trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic?? Maybe, yes, the reason many things went wrong is not limited to both of us achieving success,” Bridges, 29, recently wrote instagram. “But we gave it our best shot and it’s almost here and it looks like it’s going to really pan out!!”

Devine, 37, and former Disney Channel star met on a plane to shoot 2015 film the final girls. “I knew I liked him,” said Bridges us weekly In 2020, “and we just seemed unable to stay apart from each other.”

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