This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Going Viral For Her Melanin Art | Style


Jayla abhay She had no idea when she posted her younger sister’s pictures on Twitter that it would go viral with over 250k likes, 70k comments and even chances to sell her art.

12 years old, Dana Abhay, Became the definition of a star when her artwork shone overnight thanks to her 19-year-old older sister, Jayla, Sharing her sister’s artwork just because she was proud of it.

See the photos below that started it:

“This was when I realized how big it was getting. It was a crazy feeling,” Dana said. Bet Especially about the moment when he realized that his art was going viral.

Admitting that she didn’t think too much about it when her sister told her that she had posted her artwork, she remembered that she was in shock after receiving 3,000 likes in just one day!

“After coming home from school that Monday, [Jaylah] FaceTimeed me. I asked her if this meditation was normal for her and she said, ’50 Likes are not normal for me either!’ “Dana continued.

Growing from “3,000 to 100,000 in just a few hours”, Dana knew that her representation of “how beautiful a black woman can be” struck a chord.

Empowered by the diverse #MelaninMagic view of the young woman, which she artfully displayed on paper, new fans fell in love with her vision of a variety of beauty, including zhai, vitiligo and features that are often beautiful Western standards of the beautiful She stays away from it. .

“I didn’t think she would get this kind of reaction. I mean I always knew she was good, but I never thought people would react that way,” Jayla admitted, not drawing Can. “I mean, my sister sets a very high standard in the house,” Jayla exclusively tells

It is clear that Dana has some serious talents, especially if you read the responses she gave with her art:

So what inspired Dana?

Dana shared, “All types of beauty are special. Sadly, today’s society is focused on seeing only one type of beauty.” “In my opinion, all types of skin, colors and shapes are to be appreciated. I create my artwork to show how everything can be beautiful and to tell the world that everyone is at the same time Is different and unique. There is no person who looks exactly like the other, so stop trying to make everyone look the same. It won’t work. Besides, normal is boring anyway. “

Can you believe that she is only in middle-school?

“I am only proud that my sister is comfortable and proud of what she is. She attracts women of all kinds of castes and ‘imperfections’.” And does she believe that her sister’s art is #BlackGirlMagic? “Yes, it seems to me that some of her work is a perfect example of Black girl magic.”

We could not agree more.

“Black women in artwork is something that I hardly see, which is crazy, [Black] Women are very beautiful to me. I think I wanted to make them headlines for once. They are too special to be hidden in the dark, ”Dana declares.

Get ready to see what we can expect of a talented artist in the future, available to purchase his artwork.

“In the near future, I want to open an online shop so that people can buy my artwork. Later, I want to open an actual store, probably in New York, where everyone will see it. I want to participate in an art. New York. Also in the time to come to school, ”said Dana.

We say, show this girl an art quickly!

(Photo: @ DanaAbbey1 Twitter, @Jaylah_Baby Twitter)



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