This $9 Lash Serum Has 52,000+ Five-Star Amazon Reviews

Sep 20, 2021 Entertainment

This $9 Lash Serum Has 52,000+ Five-Star Amazon Reviews

If you need a little more convincing before clicking “Add to Cart,” check out these reviews Amazon Buyers.

One person advised, “Throw away all the others! I’ve used all the pricey stuff, and they were fine. But this serum does double the job for less than half that. My lashes are so long that I’m finally able to.” Tha get a lash lift, and now I don’t even need mascara. Plus my eyelashes aren’t irritated like they were with Latisse. I can’t say enough good things about this stuff!”

Another declared, “Will never get eyelash extensions anymore! This serum really works!!! I lost most of my eye lashes because of the extensions I had and in a week my eyelashes were growing again And now I have thicker fuller lashes. My boyfriend told me I don’t need extensions anymore. My natural lashes are gorgeous. Thank you Maybelline!!!”

“After using this product for a couple of weeks, I am amazed at how much length this serum has given me! I noticed a slight change in length even from the first application. This is a good primer to apply before applying mascara. And it will definitely make your eyelashes bigger,” shared an Amazon shopper.

It also works for people with sensitive skin/eyes, sharing one person, “I love this product because it doesn’t irritate my eyes. There are many other eyelash enhancing serums I’ve tried, including Latisse , has caused redness in my eyes and eyelids. This product is gentle and works. I hope it remains available!!!!”

One Amazon shopper reviewed, “I love this serum! My eyelashes are longer and don’t fall out as much before use. Will definitely keep using.”

“I wore eyelash extensions for a year because my lashes are quite weak and thin. However, wearing them for a year irritated my lash follicles. I removed them 2 weeks ago as they were falling out and my The lashes were getting very thin. I was starting to lose hope that my lashes might not come back a year before extensions, but they got longer and fuller after using this serum,” wrote one fan of the product.

One customer said, “This stuff works amazingly!!! I started seeing results after about a month and a half/month. Plus I don’t use it every single day or twice a day like it says. I would definitely recommend this. . My tiny little eyelashes on the inner corners of my eyes are longer and nicer now! Amazing quality and price as compared to others.”

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