This Rapper’s Performance Will Have The Voice Fans Howling

This Rapper's Performance Will Have The Voice Fans Howling

Get ready for a good time!

sound The live show has added another well-known crooner to its cast lineup. Australian rapper Masked wolf (AKA Harry michael) New episodes of Tuesday, May 18, E! News can be particularly revealing.

“I’m more than excited to be on sound To showcase ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ in America, “the masked Wolf told E! John legend And was on my favorite album, Kanye WestOf My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So, in a way, it seems that I am a little close to crossing paths with John himself. It is crazy to see how far you can actually go when you do not give up. It is an honor and moments like these make me appreciate all the struggles that I have reached here. “

Masked Wolf first debuted on TV The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon On 25 April. “I will remember this forever,” Rapper, ” Tweeted With a prayer emoji. his Hot show Gives fans a taste of what to expect sound.


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