TXT Vanity Fair Interview: Find Out How Food Is a Complete Turn-On TXT Vanity Fair Interview: How Food Is a Complete Turn-On

Dec 05, 2021 Entertainment

TXT Vanity Fair Interview: Find Out How Food Is a Complete Turn-On TXT Vanity Fair Interview: How Food Is a Complete Turn-On

The internet is once again in full swing with updates from the TXT Vanity Fair interview. The South Korean boy band has recently appeared on Vanity Fair, where they talked about their routine and many other fun topics. There’s a lot to learn, and fans out there are loving the material and their all-time favorite idol group. The interview was a fun time for both the audience and the boys, and we can say that it was a fun time together.

It’s certainly that our routines get a little far and daunting at times. Life gets a little messy when things get heavy, and we need some motivation to keep up with the flow. Life would be ten percent easier if we had something exciting and amazing to look forward to every day. And TXT talks about the same in this interview with Vanity Fair.

So, let’s take a quick peek inside and take a detailed look at everything the boys shared with us.

TXT Vanity Fair Interview: All the Details

Like all of us, boy bands have something to look forward to without fail, which keeps them going despite their tough routines on a daily basis. And the most exciting thing is that all the members had the same answer when asked about the daily motivation that keeps them going throughout the day.

In their recent interview with Vanity Fair, the boys talked about their daily routine, and when asked about the anticipation they look forward to every day, they took no more than a few seconds to respond. took.

Of course, the first to talk was our fullball Taehyun, and he said he can’t wait to see what he’s going to eat every day! Well, isn’t this interesting and really intriguing?

He said, “What is it that we wait for every day? The first thing I eagerly waited for is… what to eat.”

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Top Personality: Food is life!

TXT Vanity Fair interview: Find out how food is a complete turn-on
TXT Vanity Fair Interview

After he spoke the answer, all the other members followed his story and unanimously agreed with his answer. The simple answer was that he was deeply in love with FOOD.

“Me too!”, “Same here,” “Eating for me too,” “I was going to say the same,” came one answer after another.

Like every other tough food lover, Huningkai agreed, saying, “Food comes first.”

Tahyun also revealed that after all his routine, his first question to himself is, “What are we going to eat?”

The love for food is totally and totally relatable! Their great anticipation for food is very evident from this particular interview, and they absolutely love to eat, to eat, to eat and to eat well.

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TXT: Get to Know the Group

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is a globally recognized South Korean boy band that is making a name for itself in the global music industry. Working under Big Hit Music, the group consists of five members, Sobin, Yeonjun, Beomgu, Taehyun and Hyuningkai. They came out in 2019, and since then, their music has remained on the charts.

Their debut album “The Dream Chapter: Star” debuted on the Village Albums Chart and the Billboard World Albums chart and also entered the US Billboard 200 ranking at 140.th Post. Thus, becoming the most charted debut album by any male K-pop group. His debut was a bang, and so has his journey since then.

TXT Vanity Fair interview: Find out how food is a complete turn-on

“Crown”, which was the album’s lead single, debuted on World Digital Songs at the Top. and to top the Billboard Emerging Artists chart, the K-pop group became the fastest group to appear in the world digital songs; and the second fastest to chart on Billboard Emerging Artists.

The group has raised the bar and has received several major nominations and awards at various music awards, including Rookie of the Year.th Also at the Gold Disc Awards and Melon Music Awards (2019). He 9. Won on New Artist of the Year – Albumth At the Gaon Chart Music Awards, and the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, he won Best New Male Artist.

His discography is reaching high on both the domestic charts; and global, and we are soon going to see them charting at the top and ruling the global music industry.

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