What That Zoey’s Playlist Twist Means For Season 3

What That Zoey's Playlist Twist Means For Season 3

We then met on the phone with the series producer Austin Winsburg And begged him to explain what just happened, what it meant and How It happened, and it turns out that it all has a lot to do with that dream sequence featuring Zoey’s Dad Mitch (Peter Gallagher) Here is what he said:

“We spent a lot of time this season and even talked about the disparity in Zoey and Max’s relationship in season one. She felt that there was something inappropriate about the fact that she could hear and know her heart songs That what is going on in his heart. And his mind, but he could not do it with him, and there were many quarrels and conversations between them about it, where we are clearly, in our mind, the seed for the time to come. Were sowing. “

“Then he has this moment [the finale], Where he has this talk with his father, and he talks about how he is now part of the universe and a lot of things have happened in this season where Zoey is screaming at the universe, and ‘the universe is with me Why is he doing this? ‘ And Mitch speculates that he may have had something to do with what is happening to him, and that the universe may be doing all this for some reason. And the last thing she says before Max gets power, is she talks about the universe. And then she sings him a song. So, definitely from my point of view, she is now getting the power so that she can get an insight into Zoey, and that for once it might actually be a real resemblance in their relationship.


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