Which Halloween Kills Star Had a "Crush" on Kyle Richards?

Oct 14, 2021 Entertainment

Which Halloween Kills Star Had a “Crush” on Kyle Richards?

Is Halloween the most romantic holiday of the year?

For halloween kills Cast, love is definitely in the air — including some childhood crush confessions! It turns out that the ’80s icon Anthony Michael Hall gleefully revealed he’s in awe of co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis And Kyle Richards Since the first film of the franchise premiered in 1978.

“I remember Kyle,” Hall joked during the E! News’ daily pope on Thursday, October 14. “I had a crush on him and Jamie Lee when I was little. I remember watching Kyle when I was a kid in Disney movies. She was a great lady to work with. She had a real gung-ho attitude.”

Meanwhile, Richards returns to the root of his fear of “terrible”. Halloween set. “That’s why I’m worried!” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star chuckled.

And even there were some unexpected surprises for Curtis. kills, Stepping back into the role of Laurie Strode’s iconic Last Girl.

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