Who Is DaniLeigh? Get To Know This Rising Superstar In The Making


Written by Jajuan Malachio

Miami, Florida resident, rapper, singer and songwriter Danileigh Has been working under the radar for years and now it seems that her hard work and dedication is finally paying off.

Despite the instant popularity, he gained from the mega-viral hit “Easy (Remix),” Featuring R&B icon Chris Brown In 2019, which has now been viewed more than 224 million times on YouTube, the 26-year-old musician and his rise to superstardom have a lot to learn.

Arising Danielle Leigh Curiel For dominican parents, DaniLeigh has established her place in today’s R&B and hip-hop scene through a mix of hustle and good luck. As a young girl, she trained herself to sing by covering her favorite artists such as Drake, Jane Eko, And Alicia Keys And posted them on YouTube.

Focused on making her a well-rounded artist, her mother, Vicky Kurial, At the age of 12, Daniele joined dance classes. After discovering that he had a genuine passion for performing, his mother decided to move to Los Angeles for a month while his father was managing his family’s restaurant in Orlando. It is the love, sacrifice and support of the parents that Daniele says gave her success.

“My mom was a street dancer in New York City like she is my inspiration … and then my dad, his sisters, used to sing in church and his father’s name is Beethoven. He was definitely super musical,” Daniele a Said during the virtual interviewCondition original. “It is definitely in our blood, even when we grow up, there will always be music in the house. I swear that if I hadn’t been for my parents, I probably wouldn’t have done what I’m doing. ”

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Almost immediately after the move, DaniLeigh found her first gig by becoming half of the pop duo Curly fries. After working with several choreographers, he soon attracted the attention of only and only one, Prince.

“I made my way into the dance industry and worked with various artists that Prince found me at the age of 18 and he reached out to me. He wanted me to direct his music video. He never told me that Where did she find me, “she explained during an appearance during Breakfast Club.

After establishing himself as an undisputed talent, Daniels was offered a contract from Def Jam Records. From there, it released its first major EP: Summer with friends, Which dropped in 2017.

BET Awards 2020 Virtual Preshow - Daniel.  (Photo: BET) (BET Awards 2020 Virtual Preshow - Daniele. (BET Awards 2020 Virtual Preshow - Daniele. (Photo: BET))

(Getty Images via Photo / Getty Images by BET Awards 2020)

In 2018, she made her debut album: “The Plan”, Which held two of her first major singles: “Lil ‘Babe” and “Easy”Later with special guest appearances Lil ‘Baby, YBN Nahmiri And Lil ‘Yachty.

In the same year, DaniLeigh Went viral on instagram When she faced the “In My Feelings” challenge, which helped her consolidate her followers by more than 200K + followers. The viral sensation then found itself as an early act for it Teyana Taylor’s KTSE Tour

In 2019, the lyricist made his first introduction on the stage of the Beta Social Awards His performance Her singles: “Lil Babe”.

By the end of 2020, DaniLeigh is still moving forward and shaking with the debut of its second LP: Movies, Featuring two chart-topping singles: “Levi’s High” (ft. Da baby) And “Dominican mummies” (Ft. Fivio Overseas).

From his humble beginnings to where he is today, Daniele has made tremendous progress in his career. His dedication as an entertainer earned him a nomination for “Best New Artist” On 2020 beta awards. Although she did not win, being recognized as a new artist in this way is a testament to her undeniable talent and a sign of where she is headed.

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As of the 2021 Beta Awards, Daniele is a leading star in the modern league of female R&B / hip hop artists in recent years. By blending sublime choreography with melodious flow and dazzling vocals, Daniele has shown that he is a talented, multi-talented newcomer who is ready to give a lot to his craft and has zero plans to stop anytime soon.

20. See theTh BET Awards on Sunday, June 27 at 8 / 9C.

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