Why Anna Faris Didn't Appear on Mom's Series Finale

May 14, 2021 Entertainment

Why Anna Faris Didn’t Appear on Mom’s Series Finale

Robert Voets / 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Gemma said she believes Christie and Bonnie are still close, despite Christie moving to Georgetown for law school. The author shared, “I think she was in a happy and healthy relationship and is still a part of her mother’s life and the lives of friends.” “We did not see him at the closing ceremony, but he is still part of that group.”

with this, Tv line Gemma was quoted as saying, “We felt it was important to respect [Faris’] The decision to leave the show. Viewers know that Christie traveled more than seven seasons and overcame many hurdles to follow her dream of becoming a lawyer, and it felt like this story was addressed satisfactorily, so we took it for granted. Did not consider again. The last.”

Instead, Jill focuses on Bonnie to attend the wedding wedding (Jayam Press) And Andy (Will Sasso), Not to mention her dealings with husband Adam (William Fichtner) Being diagnosed with cancer.

There was a brief reference to Christie, when Bonnie mentions her daughter while talking to a new member of her alcoholic Anonymous group. “We’re both cool, and we love each other,” Bonnie said. “She left, but my talk is my thing.”

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