Why Ben Affleck Won’t Like What J.Lo's Ex Alex Rodriguez Is Saying Now

May 12, 2021 Entertainment

Why Ben Affleck Won’t Like What J.Lo’s Ex Alex Rodriguez Is Saying Now

If you are going to take a swing Ben AffleckBaseball team is the favorite, you do not remember better.

After the news that the Hollywood actor is spending time with the former Jennifer Lopez, Fans were curious to know if Alex Rodriguez Thinks about all the headlines. As it turns out, the former New York Yankees player may have shed some light with just a few words.

In a new video received by E! News, Alex was spotted leaving a Miami restaurant where he was asked by photographers to comment on Ben and Jennifer’s reunion. “Have a great day,” Alex said, ignoring the question.

But when the photographer asks if he knows the two spend quality time together in Montana, Alex makes a comment that raises eyebrows. “Go Yanix”, he announced before moving inside the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

While some will gesture to please their former team, others can’t help but remember that Ben’s favorite MLB outfit is the Boston Red Cox. And yes, the Red Sox have a deep rivalry with the Yankees.