Why Jade Roper Thought She “Was Going to Die” During Birth of Her Son

Why Jade Roper Thought She

For motherhood Jade roper Didn’t always feel like heaven.

While many can follow the Bachelor Nation star for her adventures with her husband Tanner Tolbert And their three children, Moms tell everyone The podcast host is now ready to share his experience dealing with postpartum PTSD.

In a new interview with Today parents, Jade recalls those moments when she welcomed the son Brooks Feelings in her bedroom wardrobe and soon after.

“I felt like he didn’t want me, which was the hardest part,” he shared. “I felt like I would see him and I was feeling very different and he didn’t know if I was his mother or he didn’t want me as his mother.” Bachelor Alum says that an unexpected home birth and her overall experience in July 2019 resulted in post-natal PTSD.

“From the second I went into labor until I became pregnant with my (second) son. Reid, I was struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, “Jade explained.” When I was giving birth, I had so much hard labor that I felt something was going wrong. I thought he was going to die. I thought I was going to die. And so after that experience, I would have a flashback. That we … were not safe. “


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