Why Leah Remini’s Acceptance Into NYU Left Her “In Tears”

Why Leah Remini's Acceptance Into NYU Left Her

Leah Remini The college is about to become a freshman.

King of queens Took the star instagram May 20 to the New York University for sharing a picture of his acceptance letter. The actress, who was embroiled in a fight against Scientology after leaving the controversial organization in 2013, wrote a lengthy caption about her decision to attend school.

“I’m so excited, shedding tears and want to share it with you guys,” she began. “For someone like me, a person who wanted higher education and choice in my life, came from a creed and a family that did not value education, it was a big day for me. It did not come easy. This is one of the last parts of my life that I am withdrawing from Scientology for myself. “

Leah, 50, said she took “a lot” to make the move, as she did not initially feel smart or qualified to pursue a college degree.


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