Why Lisa Kudrow Was Convinced Friends Would Run for Much Longer

Why Lisa Kudrow Was Convinced Friends Would Run for Much Longer

She also recalled once taking an online quiz that claimed which one friend He is the character, and he humorously does not find Phoebe. Instead, the quiz informs her that she is in fact Rachel.

“I thought I was answering the questions that would lead me to Phoebe — you know, ‘favorite color? Yellow!'” She continued. “And this Rachel said.”

This led him to explain that when he first read the script friend The pilot for the show’s audition, he actually saw himself as better suited to play the character that would eventually be brought to life Jennifer Aniston.

“When I first read the screenplay, and I was going to audition for Phoebe, I saw [the pages for] Rachel, and I just went, ‘Oh, it’s like a Long Island ZAP- that can be hilarious. I can identify more from this. ‘ But he said, ‘No, no. Phoebe, ” said the star.

Ultimately, Lisa gets her initial wish, as the show survives in the hearts of fans, even if new episodes are not on the horizon. Frankly, Tara takes the words “I’ll be there for you” quite seriously.

Click here to watch the trailer of the film friend The reunion precedes the special debut on HBO Max on Thursday 27 May.

(Both E! And NBC are part of the NBCuniversal family.)


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