Will L Die in Death Note? Who Killed Him?

Dec 06, 2021 Entertainment

Will L Die in Death Note? Who Killed Him?

Do you want to know about L from Death Note? We’ll tell you everything you need to know. Have you ever seen a character from a certain movie, series or anime that looks more like a hero than an actual hero? This is L for Death Note. So, will L die in Death Note? Although he wasn’t the main character, the kind of things he does in the anime make him even more of a fan favorite than a hero. We are about to reveal it all because you can read the article till the end to know everything about this topic. Let’s start with the beginning of the series.

The Japanese manga series “Death Note” was drawn by Tsugumi Oba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. A novel based on the manga was released with the title Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Case. After immense popularity, an anime series based on the manga was released on 3 October 2006 and ended on 26 June 2007. It’s been so many years since the anime ended. Even now, new viewers of anime come with questions like, Will L die in Death Note? So here we are to quench your thirst.

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Lolita, better known as L, is a world-renowned detective from the Death Note series. L made his appearance in the middle of the series. He was assigned as the investigator to find the mass murderer “Kira”. During investigation, he suspected that the culprit was from Japan, so he sought the cooperation of the NPA.

Although her real name was Lolita, she was introduced on television under the name ‘L’, for a very simple reason. He has the brain of a pure genius, and suspected that the killer was hunting people with knowledge of their names. So, he decided to keep his identity a secret and act in secret, like “Kira”. “Kira” or Light Yagami was impaled several times for making a move. Light was the first person to befriend L within the series, but with L being a genius, Light was suspicious of him.

Through the series, L wants to clear his doubts on Light and prove that Light is the real culprit and the “Kira” that everyone is looking for. So moving forward, we’re going to introduce you to the new characters as well as the new Shinigami and their respective Death Notes. This disclosure is necessary for the new characters which will lead us to the person who can kill L. So, let’s see if L will die in Death Note.

Will L die in Death Note?
el lolita – death note

Will L die in Death Note?

Yes, L will die in Death Note. As we mentioned above, you will be introduced to new characters as the series progresses. As we move forward, we will get to know about Rem and Misa. Misa is an actress, and Rem is her shinigami. Light and Misa were dating (not really), and they were both “Kira”. Now, as new characters are introduced, it’s time to reveal L’s killer. You guys can be sure about the killer by now. Of course, it must have been lighter because it was L who was getting in his way, so he had a motive to kill him. But, it was Rem, Misa’s shinigami, who made L.

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El was very close to finding out Kiara’s identity and was about to eventually eliminate both Misa and Light. So, as a solution to this, Light tells Rem to kill L. He was not able to do so because El had not revealed his real name, making it impossible for Light to write his name in the notebook. So, he manipulates Misa to ask Rem to do the same. Why does he go for Rem when he can ask Ryuk? Simply because Ryuk doesn’t care about anything and won’t listen to Light. Misa, who thought that Light really loved him, told Rem to kill L, and as Rem loved Misa, he did what Misa said. Through his Shinigami eyes, Rem finds out L’s real name and writes it down on the Death Note.

Misa reassures Rem by saying that this man L was a threat to her life as he was investigating to find Kira and was very close to finding her. On discovering this, he will kill both Misa and Light. So, on this, Rem got convinced and wrote L’s name in the notebook, hence, killing him of a heart attack.

Will L die in Death Note?
Light, Ryuk, L – Death Note

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