14 Phere Movie Download Filmywap

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14 Phere Movie Download Filmywap

14 Phere Movie Download Filmywap khatrimaza Leaked Online

14 Phere Movie Download Filmywap: 14 Phere is about a Rajput boy Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) and a Jat girl Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda), who try to live their ‘happily’ despite the problems of their garden-type casteist families. But that doesn’t mean that these proverbs belong in the world of star-crossed lovers Sairat.

14 Phere Movie Download Filmywap

They don’t want to run away because they love their parents. They also want to get married because that’s what their parents want from them. What Happens A grand comedy of errors and mistaken identities, that never really happens. When we first meet Sanjay and Aditi, they are already in love, and with just one montage song, we are introduced to the story of how Sanjay met and fell in love with his college senior Aditi.

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Both are in cushy blue-collar jobs that allow them to rent a truly luxurious home, and the prospect of US transfers. It is this comfortable life away from reality that comes crashing down when Sanjay’s sister Shweta elopes with a boy from a different caste.

While Sanjay’s family’s decision to marry her off immediately appears to be a common consequence, the recklessness of the head of the family’s decision to compete with the sister is shocking. Soon after this insensitivity towards Shweta’s honor killing, we get a funny sequence when Sanjay is forced to weave a thread of lies about his girlfriend’s caste. Similar is the lie Aditi tells her parents and then we have the couple enlisting the help of a set of fake parents (Gauhar Khan and Jameel Khan) to get married.

Making a light-hearted film about caste and honor killing is a difficult step. It’s not like Sanjay and Aditi, who are on the receiving end of caste-based atrocities, are actually doing away with the idea of ​​caste. They just want to lean around it and move west to better pastures. Treatment of this base is not something that is good. The discrepancies in tonal shifts are jarring. Even when we see people being threatened with self-immolation, we are expected to laugh at the ‘fun’ dialogues.

Even when we see that Aditi wants to run away from her casteist family, we see that Sanjay wants to stay behind… well, mother’s spirit. Once again, this may seem like a decent enough thing to have a conflict, but the final solution almost negates the honesty.

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The same holds true for the central conflict as the much-anticipated climax showdown doesn’t get all the punches. Yes, it gives a mirror to the futility of the idea of ​​honor and caste, but with no real change in either character’s mind, it becomes an exercise in surface-level exploration of a deeply rooted problem.

While the performances and dialect proficiency of the main and supporting characters are engaging, their oversized comic set pieces, reminiscent of ensemble scenes created by the likes of Priyadarshan, didn’t really work the way the makers envisioned. Was. It pulls back the impact of the fun quotient of 14 rounds, and we deal with precise lines like “Honor bachi hai toh, killing kyun karna hai”. There really isn’t even a sting in the satirical element.

Sanjay Lal Singh hails from a traditional Rajput family from Bihar but moved to a fancy college in Delhi to pursue his higher education. Aditi Karwasra belongs to a traditional Rajasthani family of Jaipur. They fall in love and end up living with each other and working in the same office. It’s fun to see what happens next.