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69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download Movierulz 720p

69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download Movierulz 720p: Director P.K. Sunil Kumar Reddy His previous immigration and Gulf films have been critically acclaimed.

Now #69 we have another story film coming on 18th March titled Sanskar Colony. Sri Lakshmi Pictures, Aditya Cinemas starring Esther Noronha, Risvi Thimmaraju, Ajay P. B Bapiraju, Muthi Naga Satya Narayan co-produced the film “#69 Sanskar Colony” directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy. The film is scheduled to release on March 18.

Film is a very strong medium. Telling a good story about what’s happening in the community will make the audience feel better.

69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download Movierulz 720p

Movie Name: 69 Sanskar Colony
Directed By: P.K. Sunil Kumar Reddy
Release Date: 18 March, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

One has to think that a two-hour film is at least two days long. Every film of mine has been made keeping this in mind.

This #69 Sanskar Colony movie also makes every viewer think. Sanskar Colony is a film that depicts the sensitive mental image of women, so we enlisted a girl named Swati in our story department.

The film is about the changes in human relationships and the strange trends happening in the society.

69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download Filmyzilla

It is a passionate love story between a teenage boy and a married girl. The film manages to deliver information along with entertainment.

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Similar stories have emerged but shown from a different perspective. We have shown such things in this film which have not been shown in any film till now. I said a few things frankly and emphatically. No certificate found for my photo.

Mature audience will love our film. Ajay played the role of husband. There are many shades in his character. He did justice to the character very well.

69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download Filmywap

The character of Ajay Gary is very much liked by the audience. I met Esther after the story was over. Auditioned, we took him in that he fits the character well.

Esther also listened to the story and said that the content is very strong and the audience will definitely like it. Our producer Bapi Raju is a good friend of mine.

Bapi Raju has been releasing my films as a distributor for 17 years. He later became a producer of Romantic Criminals and produced films of this cult colony.

69 Sanskar Colony Movie Download

Everyone who works with me is coming together as a family. They are there to meet when flop comes and success comes. Are there to help every movie.

After this film I am making a film called Ma Nanna Naxalite produced by Chadalwada Srinivas Rao. 1995 Flexible Father Sons movie in the backdrop.

Later Dr. LN Rao said that the film Welcome to Tihar College, produced by Yakkali Ravindra Babu will be released in July.