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83 Movie Download Filmywap, Download Hub 720p

Captain Kapil Dev led an India team, seen as the underdog, that won the country’s first World Cup title in the year 1983. Kabir Khan’s ’83’ encapsulates the journey of this team that taught a nation to believe and pin it down. What he expects from his cricket players is to return home as a set of exceptionally talented world champions.

Review: The first few minutes in the film, Kabir Khan uses an intelligently crafted Passport sequence to introduce the audience to the characters of the film. He also uses dialogue and light talk to get you going on a fact – India didn’t trust India to bring them home in the World Cup. Only then do you realize that this film is not about winning on the world stage, it is about earning respect.

Movie Name:83
Director:Kabir Khan
Release Date:24 December 2021

At every stage of the film, Kabir juxtaposes real images with the reel ones – making one sit down and meditate on the fact that he has invested heavily in research and entertainment (the scenes look as good as the actual events on the field. ) ) Defining moment in Team India’s 1983 World Cup journey. You realize that the film was not all drama or all game – it made a clear attempt to amalgamate the two. And to a large extent, she also succeeds in doing so.

India’s love for cricket owes much to the fact that the 1983 team defeated the West Indies, a nearly unbeatable cricket team at that time, during the World Cup final that year.

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At one point during the tournament, the level of expectation from Team India was so low that a broadcaster could easily opt for a match between the giants, West Indies and Australia, over a match between India and Zimbabwe. The latter was the match where Indian captain Kapil Dev created history with the bat of the mongoose, and it is that great innings that was not recorded on camera.

If you’re paying to see this movie, that scene alone will make the trip worth the money. Kapil Dev’s innings not only saved the day for India, but he earned the team a place in the table and a huge amount of respect that was lacking from every corner till then – Board of Control for Cricket in India back home, Indians living in India and Abroad, from the international and domestic press and also from those who had already made their mark in the sport.

The fact that no one took the captain’s intention to win the World Cup seriously plays out at various points in the film which reiterates what the team did eventually to put their best foot forward.

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The little joys, the sorrows, the glorious victories, the painful defeats, the inner turmoil that each player experienced, their individual journeys, and the journey of becoming a team that can rely on themselves to defeat the mightiest men in the gentleman’s game. Maybe, this is about Kabir Khan’s dramatic ’83 Hai’.

When you hear Ranveer Singh completely recreating Kapil Dev’s unmatched style of talking, his Natraj shots on the ground, his bowling action and his body language, you know you are a fan of cricket’s revolving around In a sports drama.

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But when you hear him talking about how he thinks, believes and feels for the game, you hear a guy saying why he makes an iconic name in the sport Is. We all have seen the iconic picture of Kapil Dev holding the World Cup; The film explores why we feel emotionally charged every time we watch it.

On the surface, “83” is about an underdog team’s victory. As you go deeper, with each actor effortlessly introducing himself as an iconic cricketer from the 1983 team, you’ll find that the picture is crafted with a skillfully written narrative, which is subtle and Supported by internal demonstrations, and each department lends its technical talents. For this.

While Ranveer plays the captain’s innings here, Saqib Saleem, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amy Virk, Hardy Sandhu, Jatin Sarna are among those who add glare to the film.

Yes, it plays on the rhetoric of nationalism, much more than necessary. The film’s own spirit must have driven home to the point the rhetorical scenes were trying to create. There was scope for some good music in ’83’ which could have added better momentum to the story. But that said, with this, Kabir Khan once again sets a high standard for himself.

We as a nation love just about anything that brings us praise. But there are some very rare achievements that we can just go on and on, and rightly so. The Cricket World Cup in 1983 which changed the entire course of cricketing events in our country is a moment of immense pride that will resonate for times to come.

Held in England and Wales from 9 to 25 June 1983 and won by India, the 1983 Cricket World Cup was the third edition of the Cricket World Cup tournament in which eight nations participated. It was an event filled with dramatic cricket throughout the tournament. Teams like India and Zimbabwe which were not playing well at that time went on to win over West Indies and Australia respectively. England, India, Pakistan and tournament favorite West Indies also qualified

Written by Kabir Khan, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and Vasan Bala, the film is a gripping entertainer, fast forwarded with clever editing and emotional tracks. Our nation’s passion for cricket and the interest the film has generated nearly four decades after the historical event proves that none of us will ever let it fade from memory.

Dev’s game win will always have an emotional appeal, not just for cricket lovers but for all Indians. His quick catch to dismiss Viv Richards, and Balwinder Sandhu’s banana inswinger off the stumps of Gordon Greenidge have left a deep impression on the minds of generations. Though India has won the title twice, first in 1983 and again in 2011 when MS Dhoni took over the captaincy. For the 2011 team to win their second title after 28 years, Kapil Dev’s contribution as captain has always been immense, which has attracted the attention of many cricketers. ,

Our every win has been brilliantly recreated and woven into a 163-minute film. While watching the film, if one swells with pride as a proud Indian, his admiration and fan moment comes alive while watching Ranveer Singh too, who surrenders himself to the role without trying to imitate Kapil Paaji. Does. He is so comfortable that sometimes one forgets that it is a professional actor and not Kapil Dev himself playing the role. Not That Other Leading Roles – PR Man Singh as Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Raj Bhasin as Gavaskar, Jeeva as Srikanth, Saqib Saleem as Mohinder Amarnath, Jatin Sarna as Yashpal Sharma, Sandeep Patil as Chirag Patil as Kirti Azad, Dinkar Sharma as Nishant Dahiya as Roger Binny, Hardy Sandhu as Madan Lal, Sahil Khattar as Syed Kirmani, Amy Virk as Balwinder Sandhu, Dilip Vengsarkar as Adinath Kothare, Ravi Shastri as Patience Karva, and Sunil Valson as R Badri are any less. In fact, each of them lends authenticity to their respective roles, without resorting to the usual caricurish portrayals that I used to see in Bollywood movies.

When Kapil Dev was named Indian Cricketer of the Century by Wisden in 2002, we all know why. His tenacity, calm and calm disposition and unwavering and almost constant dedication are all evident in Ranveer Singh’s portrayal.

83 is the story of the Indian cricket team’s victory in the 1983 World Cup in England. At that time, India was not a cricket superpower as it is today, money was scarce, national level players did not automatically become millionaires and television was not yet a fixture in every Indian household.

In this scenario, captain Kapil Dev and his band of cricketers travel to a country that had once colonized India. They were initially trampled on by the press, but win after victory against adept opponents snatched praise from the jaws of disdain, eventually knocking the English team out of the tournament before defeating the game’s stalwarts – the great Clive Lloyd’s. West Indies in the lead – K last.

Kapil’s Devils, as they are still called, opened up a world of possibilities for Indians. Khan’s film reflects the cynicism of the country’s own sporting establishment about India’s prospects that year, the condescension he faced in England, Kapil’s charisma, jokes and occasional tension between teammates, even That part of their problematic behavior towards each other and, above all, the strategic involved, heartbreak and thrill of the matches they played in that unforgettable summer.

The success of the film lies in the fact that though everything it counts is widely known and we all know the ending, Khan is able to keep the mystery going till the last ball.

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In the opening scene of ’83, when team manager PR Mansingh is insulted by an official in England, he remarks about how India gained independence decades ago, but has yet to gain the respect. The sentiment expressed is impeccable, and the actor playing Mansingh (Pankaj Tripathi) is restrained, but the choice of words for a face-to-face conversation, rather than a speech, makes it a worrying moment for an audience who doesn’t. Sources are curious: So will 83 be filled with bomb blasts spewing patriotism from Bollywood?

Keep faith- The filmmaker who gave us Bajrangi Bhaijaan is not going to reduce the Cricket World Cup to Kesari or Gadar. 83 isn’t devoid of clichés, but Khan doesn’t allow it to be verbose, deaf or a vehicle of hate—on or off the cricket field.