Aaradugula Bullet Movie Download Tamilrockers 480p Movierulz

Oct 09, 2021 Featured

Aaradugula Bullet Movie Download Tamilrockers 480p Movierulz

Ardugula Bullet starring Gopichand and female superstar Nayanthara has hit the theaters. Action and comedy film is helmed by B Gopal and produced by Thandra Ramesh under the aaradugula bullet movie download in movierulz banner of Jaya Balaji Real Media. Let’s see the story of aaradugula bullet movie download link Ardugula Bullet.

Story: Shiva (Gopichand) is a carefree young man and the son of Murthy (Prakash Raj). Since Shiva is interested in the job, his father hates his son. Shiva falls in love with Nayana aaradugula bullet movie download telugu (Nayantara). Later a dreaded don Kashi (Abhimanyu Singh) takes over the land of Shiva’s father. What happens next makes up the rest of the story.

B Gopal Aradugula directs Bullet. It is a long delayed film which has finally hit the screens after years. Shows story and construction delays. Has an old quality from the beginning.aaradugula bullet movie download in hindi 480p Stunts, wireworks and all take the form obsolete. The story is credited to Vakkantham Vamsi.

This is not entirely surprising, given his close association with Ashoka, his previous work. From the main protagonist to his family, the cocky villain, aaradugula bullet telugu movie download movierulz the entire outline is borrowed from the Jr NTR starrer. And yet, Aaradugula Bullet takes ages to reach this point. The story begins after more than an hour.

Hum Beach has a filler comedy track, romance and some family drama. Sometimes old stories can be included if the handling is linked to the latest trends. It’s a triple impact case with the aaradugula bullet telugu movie download jio rockers. Apart from the story, we have a aaradugula bullet telugu movie download tamilrockers director handling it who has gone far beyond his prime. The last nail in the coffin is delay. There is not a single scene that seems new. The whole story is full of deja vu moments.

The core family drama, which had some promises, was scrapped at the very beginning as things turn into routine in some scenes. After a predictable interval bang, the second half crosses an expected path again. We don’t reach the main plot till the pre-climax. The story after the interval takes a different turn in comedy. Brahmanandam is used as fodder for some laughs.

This is a formula that has run its course. But, can’t be helped here because of the delay. After much drag, the story returns to the original conflict in the last half hour. Again we are back in the Ashoka area, with some scenes unfolding. The whole thing is wrapped up in a protracted battle and preaching of the hero. It comes across as a huge relief rather than the satisfaction of watching a mass entertainer.

Overall, Aradugula Bullet is an old mass film. Unfortunately, its fortunes would not have changed, even if it had arrived in time because of its hackneyed legend. Even if you are a massive movie lover, it is better to forget the existence of Ardugula Bullet.

Gopichand is looking very stylish in the film. His body language is different for this film. He is amazing in action sequences. Nayantara is looking cute and she has good chemistry with Gopichand. Prakash Raj gives an emotional performance.

Abhimanyu Singh is fine in the role of the villain. Manorama is fine while Madhu Nandan is useless. Jayaprakash Reddy, Brahmanandam and the rest of the cast of Ardugula Bullet perform accordingly.

Aaradugula Bullet Movie Download

There is nothing special in the story of Aradugula Bullet. Mani Sharma’s music is fine. The background score is impressive. Cinematography is weak. Art direction is good. Editing could have been better. The best thing about the movie Ardugula Bullet is the well-designed action sequences. Production prices are good. Ardugula Bullet is a regular action drama starring Gopichand.

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