Akhanda Telugu Movie Download in Movierulz 480p Tamilrockers

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Akhanda Telugu Movie Download in Movierulz 480p Tamilrockers

Ek Khanda is a true-blue Boyapati Srinu film. It is neither criticism nor praise; I am stating only one fact. Since his debut with Bhadra, Boyapati has refused to develop as a storyteller. What has changed, however, is the way his savage villains mercilessly murder dozens of junior cast members.

Movie Name:Akhanda
Director:Boyapati Srinu
Release Date:02 December 2021

With Akhand, Boyapati has reached a new high: a hospital where sick children are being treated exploded, a truck ran over dozens of poor men, a few more men were set on fire, as laborers died. An entire community was shot. Well, what’s surprising in that, you may ask.

Akhanda Telugu Movie Download in Movierulz 480p Tamilrockers Jiorockers

In the filmography of the director there are many bloody scenes related to mass murders. For example, there was a scene in legend where four dozen fishermen were stabbed; Same number of background actors are killed in Sarrenodu, Simha, Vinaya Vidya Rama etc. In Akhand, however, all sequences of sadism run in 10-minute intervals. No one can stop the unmatched boyapati Srinu in Akhanda.

His steadfast belief in executing his most insane ideas is a lesson for future filmmakers. Picture this: Hundreds of goons from a warehouse of Telugu masala films armed with all weapons – from machine guns to axes and even chilli powder – have to kill Balakrishna’s Akhand Sikandar Rudra Aghora (that’s his name), who One is in the middle of a prayer. His undivided attention.

Yet they fail miserably and how! This is what I call a firm belief. I call this taking the audience lightly. If the audience’s indifference to wit and carelessness of storytelling weren’t outrageous enough, Thaman’s louder… I mean, the loud score is trishul to our ears. But, why am I questioning the level of decibels in the movie Boyapati?

Amidst the bloody, anti-gravity stunts, there’s a storytelling aptitude. One day an extremist named Gajendra Sahu murders a faithful guru and takes his place as a god to enchant the world. On the same day a couple has twins in Rayalaseema.

On the same day, Jagapathi Babu, who plays the role of a sadhu, warns the father to let go of one of the children as one of the babies will be given the form of destruction, while the other is an embodiment of nature. Usually, this means that one of the twins is timid while the other is the wild type. But here both are equally violent with innovative ways to crush their opponents. So why turn away from them? Once again, why am I questioning the logic in the movie Boyapati?

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It is almost impossible to objectively analyze a film like Akhand, considering how mind-bogglingly dumb it is. But what can you do if he wants to become a filmmaker. While Boyapati succeeds in what he sets out to do, the ultimate loser is definitely us. Of course, we signed up knowing that the movie would be loud, brutal, violent, and more importantly, inane.

However, I wondered what the level of all these features is. The villains in Boyapati films are brutal, and in Akhand, it is the turn of Varadrajulu (played by Srikanth Meka, who made a career playing soft and kind roles) to do the needful. There’s no shortage of rudeness, but here, they really start to bother you after a point: A mother is raped in front of her child and I don’t see any point in the existence of such a sequence. Is.

I think it’s shameful that filmmakers keep using rape as a tool to “sick” the protagonist in 2021. The funniest part is that Srikkanth hasn’t even been given the status of “main villain”. Then, why am I even questioning the writing choices in the film Boyapati?

If there’s one thing Boyapati learned from the failure of his previous outing, the drab superhero film Vinay Vidya Ram, it’s that you never play it subtly. In Akhand, Boyapati makes his hero a proper superhero, Galat, God, this time. In a scene where Akhand Sikandar Rudra Aghora kills a man, we see a goon’s spirit exit the body and as he falls back, the soul and body meet. Similarly, he can touch a human being and see their past.

I wish Boyapati explored this angle more deeply, this could have been an appropriate answer to Unbreakable. We also have a heroine, played by Pragya Jaiswal, and in tradition with the Boyapati-isms, she is seen as an “inspiration” for young women, and then a crude scene with a seatbelt on soon after. it happens.

Perhaps the only character who gets the proper arc is a local goon who is improvised early in the film by Murali Krishna (also Balakrishna). Why, then, am I trying to analyze the craft of the Boyapati film?

The film has a funny dialogue. Akhand Sikandar Rudra Aghora says, “You punish the wrongdoer by locking him in a cell, I punish him by sending him to hell.” Boyapati Srinu’s Akhand takes this very seriously.

Despite the public reception and box office results, the film “Akhand” is considered the pride of a community and its party.

One-sided launch has been done as a successful film and now success meet is also planned.

It is known that a young producer is behind the celebrities of a community who tweeted in support of the film.

Taking a step forward, now Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR are invited to the success meet which is going to be held soon. All this game is to strengthen the unity of a community.

The surprising fact is that some industry bigwigs from this community are openly helping for “Akhand”, though they have nothing to do with the film.

Sources say that Mahesh Babu is bound to join in though he is not ready to indulge in community issues. So he can participate for his professional reasons.

On the other hand, the rumor also says that Jr NTR fears that his films may face the wrath of this community if he ignores this invitation. So, he may also participate because of his fear.

Akhanda Telugu Movie Download 480p

Telugu star Balakrishna ‘Akhand’ hit the screens on Thursday and the film has already collected $500,000 in the US as it registered a record opening.

Within days of its release, Akhanda crossed the $500,000 mark in the US. Trade analysts expect the film to enter the $1 million club overseas, as more people will see the film in theaters over the weekend.

Analysts are of the view that word of mouth has had a huge impact on film collections while audiences celebrate the first major release of a Telugu film even after the second wave of the pandemic.
Domestically, the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions show record collections for ‘Akhanda Ke Box Office’. The third day collection is also going strong.