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Anamika Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Anamika Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p: Anamika is an Indian spy thriller web series directed by Vikram Bhatt.

It stars Sunny Leone, Sonali Saigal, Rahul Dev, Sameer Soni, Shehzad Sheikh and Ayaz Khan. The series is scheduled to release on MX Player on March 10.

Anamika (Sunny Leone) has retrograde amnesia. The same disease in which memory is lost.

Anamika Web Series Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Anamika
Directed By: Vikram Bhatt
Release Date: March 10, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

She does not remember anything except that Dr Prashant (Ayaz Khan) has saved her life. Anamika had an accident three years ago.

Now she wants to accept her reality and move on in life. She wants to start a new life with Dr. Prashant.

But then Anamika’s past, those who knew her, return to her life. Some of them are friends, some are enemies. Everyone agreed that Anamika is dead.

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Some of them are friends, some are enemies. Everyone had agreed that Anamika was dead. But now everyone is after him again.

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Anamika does not remember anything, who is telling the truth and who is lying, it is becoming difficult for her to decide.

In such a situation, she moves ahead with her own understanding. Fights enemies. Will Anamika be able to overcome all this?

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Writer-director Vikram Bhatt jumps straight to the story without wasting any time. From the first frame on this issue.

Anamika’s life, her past, her today, Vikram introduces us straight to the girl who suffers from amnesia. Initially, as a spectator, you find the journey of Dr. Prashant and Anamika a bit complicated.

In such a situation, it takes time for you to bond with the story. But once this connection is made and Anamika swung into action, things related to her past automatically come to the fore. The story also picks up pace.

Anamika Web Series Download

In this series, Rahul Dev is playing the role of Ravi Srivastava. He is an agent of a government secret organization, a data collection agency.

He is accompanied by Agent Riya, played by Sonali Sehgal. Now his mission is to eliminate Agent-M. However, he is oblivious to the fact that Anamika i.e. Agent-M has lost his memory.

Obviously, in such a situation, the game of mouse and cat begins. It will be interesting to see who crosses the finish line in the series.