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Dec 10, 2021 Featured

Anti Indian Movie Download Kuttymovies, Tamilrockers, Moviesda

Anti Indian opens with a close-up of Baasha’s (Blue Sattai Maran) face. Unknown people killed him for unknown reasons. The film or the characters don’t care much about finding the culprits. This is intentional and leaves us with a lot to think about.

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Release Date:10 December 2021

After a long delay, his brother-in-law Ezhumalai (Jayaraj), a local upcoming politician, finds the body for burial. In case you wonder how ‘Ezhumalai’ is Basha’s brother-in-law, it is because the mother of the latter is born Hindu while his father is Muslim. Due to Basha’s mixed religious identity, his body is neither accepted in Muslim cemeteries nor in Hindu cremation grounds.

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‘Anti-Indian’ director ‘Blue Sattai’ is a testament to Maran’s courage. Not many people would have chosen to do what they did – respond to the challenge thrown at them by people hurt by their reviews and admit to making a film to show that making a meaningful film isn’t that difficult. is as it is made to be.

Not only this. Maran’s courage is again evident in the sensitive subject he has chosen to tackle in his debut film. ‘Anti-India’ brazenly shows that religious and political leaders play a game of manipulation for their own sake.

The film begins with a murder in a constituency gearing up for a by-election. The man killed has been identified as Basha (Blue Sattai Maran) and we are told that Basha’s late father is Ibrahim, while his mother Saroja (Vijaya Mami) is a Hindu.

Interestingly, Saroja has now converted to Christianity and has changed her name to Lourdoo Mary. The trouble begins when Basha’s body is taken for burial.

His body is not allowed in Muslim cemeteries because he was not a practicing Muslim. Hindus refuse his body because it belongs to a Muslim. As the body is moved from one place to another, religious leaders of all religions play manipulative games with their own agenda. Even as this continues, politicians who want to win elections get involved in their deadly plans.

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The film hits hard at everyone without holding anything back. From religious leaders of all sects to political masters, the agenda of everyone is exposed. The biggest strength of the film is its screenplay and its dialogues, some of which are really different.

For example, there’s the scene at the end where a layman says: “You had one body and you killed 13 people with it. Now, you have 13 bodies. One wonders what you’re going to do now.” are going.”

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Technically, ‘Anti-Indian’ is equivalent. It has no entertainment value. Its visuals are not very good. The songs of the film are just ‘Gana’ songs, which become troublesome after a time.

Admittedly, the director is trying to show the exhaustion that even the ‘Gaana’ singers feel saddened by the delay in burying the dead body. But it becomes too much for the audience.

As a story, ‘Anti-Indian’ has to be made a very relevant point. But as an entertainer it has nothing to offer. If you enjoy a story that is radically different from your regular films and don’t mind sacrificing commercial elements for a strong message, then ‘Anti-Indian’ is likely to work for you.

But with all its flaws, one still has to say that “Anti-Indian” works for the simple reason that it is a brave new attempt by a debut director in uncharted waters.

Not just luck, even Tamil audiences love bold people. Regardless of the quality of the material, Fearless is anything — whether it’s an intimate romantic scene or a bunch of outrageous dialogues — that a filmmaker manages to make on the final cut after censored praise. So, I am sure that YouTuber ‘Blue Sattai’ Maran’s directorial debut Anti Indian will be appreciated as being bold with impunity is its USP. It revels in its ugliness and audacity at the cost of being schematic and simplistic. There are no ‘Kuriedu’ as everything is very straightforward and shameless – just like their reviews.

In parallel, we see how the Chief Minister (Radha Ravi) and the police department are preparing for the upcoming by-election in which he is most likely to lose. While the opposition has the upper hand, superstar actor ‘Kabali’ can tilt the scale.

So, the CM and the police have to plan to win the election or stop it altogether. The scenes involving the CM and police officers create a sense of unease as they discuss the sinister plans with genuine tact. As the issue of Basha’s body receives little media attention, these people in power plan to use it to their advantage.

Since the massive Jallikattu protests of 2017, Tamil cinema is increasingly toying with the idea of ​​political conspiracy and police brutality. Still, most movies do so with caution. Even the recent blockbuster Manadu, which is following a similar path, was more about entertainment and less about struggles. This is where Anti Indian differentiates itself from the rest. This film does not mince words. It’s always in your face. Ezhumalai has a saffron tilak on his head. The name of the leader of his party is Raja.

However, it does not favor anyone. It portrays Hindus, Muslims, Christians, media, police and all with the same brush in the film. In a way, this became a concern as the director’s voice in films is unheard of as it is constantly being criticized. Perhaps, the nameless, black-clad character (Ghilli Maran) is the director’s voice, which has no stake in the narrative other than taking a dig at people.

He wanders here and there asking problematic questions as he asks Ezhumalai: “How are all your party leaders fair and followers black?” However, I was surprised that for all its boldness, the film shied away from touching on issues of caste. For a filmmaker who wants to target everything, this may not be a slippery but deliberate decision.

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As for Maran’s craft, the construction is as straightforward as his ideas. With a limited budget, he has pulled off a decent film that hardly cares about specifics. There are no fancy shots or compositions that attract attention. Aesthetically, Anti Indian may seem inferior, but it makes up for it with ingredients.

The whole film cares about the story and I liked how it is mostly shown rather than told. There are exhibitions, but they are executed decently. I liked the idea of ​​a sudden gana singing session at funerals with the police and politicians planning the wrong. It reminded me of Kaala’s climax – maybe it should have been. However, there are tonal discrepancies. Primarily, the film tries to be a satire, but at times, it becomes more sober and realistic. Still, by the end of Anti Indian, I found myself thinking more about the film’s unprecedented boldness than anything else.

As a YouTuber, Maran is notorious for his brazen and brash attitude on films, directors and actors. Now, as a filmmaker, he approaches religion, politics and people of power with the same boldness. Anti Indian is an important film that sets a new benchmark in freedom of expression in Tamil cinema, whether one agrees with the tone and idea of ​​the film or not.