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Jul 18, 2022 Featured

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Set in the late 60s or early 70s, ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ is the story of two sisters Roop (Tania) and Basant (Noor Chahal). These young ladies are blessed with beautiful vocal abilities. He was never trained in singing, yet his voices were compared to nightingale melodies. Due to his talent, he is approached by a recording studio that wishes to feature him as one of their artists.

However, coming from a typical old school Punjabi family, his father does not want him to do anything with singing or music. Fortunately for the girls, the father witnesses a change of heart upon constant persuasion, so he allows the sister to sing but under great restrictions.

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Initially, the girls’ names are kept secret according to their parents’ rules, but things change later when a new version of the record label makes their names public. While on one hand it brings happiness to the hearts of Roop and Basant, on the other it puts the name of their family to shame. The dreams that were yet to be painted are washed away, and the girls are told never to sing again.

In the world of masala entertainment, writer-director Jas Grewal has brought the musical drama to the big screen. Not only was this a huge step forward, but it was also a risk as it is considered a less traveled road. However, we are glad that Jass took this risk and made the film because such a beautiful concept is like a breath of fresh air.

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The musical tone of the film was set from the very beginning. It established the allure and magic of music that not only comes from instruments but is present in the existence of the universe.
Also, Tania and Noor as Roop and Basant impressed us. They both play the role of simple, innocent girls who love to sing, play, smile and spread happiness.

Movie NameBajre Da Sitta
Release date15 July 2022
DirectorJass Grewal
ProducerAnkit Vijan , Kiran Yadav
CinematographerSana Ravi Kumar
Singer:Jyotica Tangri,
Noor Chahal
Lyrics:Jass Grewal
Music:Jaidev Kumar
Running time1 Hours 53 Minutes
QualityFull hd
CastAmmy Virk, Tania, Noor Chahal , Guggu Gill , Nirmal Rishi , BN Sharma .

They do not understand the brilliance they are blessed with, but they delight themselves when they sing. Moreover, their bond with each other as sisters is something that touches the heart. It’s pure, relatable, and simply effortless; This is something that makes sure that the smile never leaves your face.

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Coming to her different performances, Tania has once again proved her mettle. The girl entered the industry by doing a side role and today she shines as the hero of the film. Her character itself is well written, but the flesh that Tania adds is phenomenal. His simplicity, innocence, decency, everything leaves a mark. In short, Tania as Roop will mesmerize you with her smile as well as make you shed tears with her cries.

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The actress is here to stay when it comes to Noor Chahal’s work. He made his debut with such a beautifully crafted character. Her role didn’t have the glam quotient, but there was a charm. He did full justice to his part.

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The film also stars Amy Virk in an important role. He was seen more in the second half of the film, and this time he did not play the role of the ideal man, at least not in the beginning. However, the flaws in his character reflect the mindset of the people of the bygone era.

As a matter of fact, every actor in the film owned the screen with his appearance. There are no words for Guggu Gill, who plays the typical strict Punjabi father. He is someone who doesn’t need words to define a character’s mood, his expressions alone are enough to do the job.

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Similarly, other stars like B.N. Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Seema Kaushal, Rupinder Rupi and others proved once again that screen presence matters more than screen time.

Now let’s move on to the intangible and unseen hero of the film – the music. Live instruments, soulful voices and folk touch ensured that the music flourishes and touches the hearts as the true essence of the film. Congratulations to Jaydev Kumar, Avivi Sara and Ustad Hansraj Behl for arranging all the tunes with such simplicity.

Last but not least, a crown should be given to the cinematographer and editor of the film, without which many scenes would have lost their impact. He took care of everything from a flush of properly toned sepia, to adding dramatic visual effects, to making sure the length of the film didn’t seem stretchy.

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In short, ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ is a beautifully weaved story with a slightly predictable but thought provoking climax, embellished with the work of an accomplished cast and crew.

A record company executive (BN Sharma) is tasked with finding new female singing voices and opportunities on sisters Roop (Tania) and Besant (Noor Chahal). Though his father Sher Singh (Guggu Gill) is strongly against it, Sharma tries to explain that times are changing.

With tremendous reluctance, Sher Singh gives his permission and the recorded song is a huge success. Gradually, both the sisters gain fame and the father vows that Roop will be married in a house that will not allow her to pursue her God-given talent.

Although her husband (Amy Virk) strongly discourages her singing, she is forced to acknowledge her talent.