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Bangarraju Movie Download in Tamilrockers Moviezwap ibomma

Bangaraju is a supernatural romantic family entertainer film directed by Kalyan Krishna. The film stars Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Ramya Krishna and Kriti Shetty in the lead roles. The music was composed by Anoop Rubens while the cinematography is done by J Yuvraj and edited by Vijay Vardhan. The film is jointly produced by Annapurna Studios and Zee Studios banner.

Bangaraju (Nagarjuna), who settled the family problems of Ramu (Nagarjuna) and Sita (Lavanya Tripathi) and went straight to heaven. However, an unexpected event occurs in Rama’s life when Sita gives birth to a boy and dies. Named his son Bangaraju (Nag Chaitanya), Ramu leaves for America to forget the grief caused by Sita’s death.

As Bangaraju grows up, Bangaraju becomes lonely as soon as Sattamma dies. Nagalakshmi, daughter of Ramesh (Rao Ramesh) was elected sarpanch in Sivapuram. Under such circumstances, young Bangaraju’s life is in danger and Bangaraju has to return to Sivapuram to save Chinna Bangaraju.

Bangarraju movie download in ibomma

Why did Bangaraja, who was enjoying life with Sattamma in heaven, have to come to Sivapuram again? What was the threat to Chinna Bangaraju’s life? How many heights did Bangaraju lay to save Chinna Bangaraju’s life? Nagalakshmi, how Chinna Bangaraju was checked for pranks.

Bangarraju Movie Download

Under what circumstances did an angry Nagalakshmi fall in love with Chinna Bangaraju? Why did Ramu come from America when he was told that he would not come for Chinna Bangaraju and Nagalakshmi’s wedding? The story of Bangaraju’s film is an answer to the question of how Bangaraju and Ramu solve the threat to Chinna Bangaraju’s life.

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The fun part of Bangaraju, a sequel to Soggade Chinni Nayana (2016), lies in the time when the spirit of senior Bangaraju (Nagarjuna Akkineni) enters the body of his grandson Bangaraju (Naga Chaitanya).

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This is when Junior inherits his grandfather’s qualities of being a hottie, gets an extra swag and world-wise, and does everything with ease – taking on opponents in action sequences or diplomatically familial. resolving differences.

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It is good to see the father-son duo in these parts; Whenever Nagarjuna looks at Chaitanya with pride, the theater erupts. The usually restrained Chaitanya goes out of his comfort zone and enjoys playing a flamboyant character.

Bangaraju feels like a throwback to the 1980s and 1990s, with the plot of a family revenge drama accentuated by supernatural elements. Senior Bangaraju and his wife Satyabhama (Ramya Krishna), with the consent of Lord Yama, literally move between heaven and earth to help their grandson who is lonely and lost in a large joint family.

Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishna bring their old charm to the story and are easy characters for them. Another thread of the story is related to the mysterious power of the Shiva temple in the village.

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While Soggade Chinni Nayana has a lot of fun with Bangaraju teaching her promiscuous son Ram (Nagarjuna in dual role) two things about being an attractive husband and protecting him from an enemy, the story follows through strained family ties. Traces the journey of little Bangaraju. , deceit and revenge.

But Bangarraju doesn’t have the easy, effortless fun of Soggade… and to keep things quite happy and entertaining, the story never scratches beneath the surface to explore either the brewing family discontent or the supernatural element.

bangarraju movie download in tamilrockers

Take for example the scenes which show how the senior Bangaraju keeps an eye on the junior along with Satyabhama. Junior does not remember what happened after the spirit entered the body, but a friend noticed a change in his behavior. This thread has never been explored enough to add to the drama.

Portraying both Bangarajus as charming walks on difficult territory. The senior is shown dancing with the celestial nymphs, while the junior, watching his flirtatious ways, has embraced all the parents of daughters in the village.

In one scene, Junior says that he doesn’t want any women to fall for him; He wants her to like him. A statement to underline that he is not exploitative. Daksha and Faria Abdullah make their presence felt among the many women who like him.

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Part of the story, as expected, has to do with finding the right woman who can put up with Junior Bangaraju and his sharp eye, and maybe fix him. The chosen one is Nagalakshmi (Kriti Shetty), who has a strict relationship with her since childhood. Kriti Shetty is charming as Nagalakshmi, a character written like a parody of a politician who can do anything for social media headlines. But apart from a scene or two, Nagalakshmi’s audacity as sarpanch fails.

Along with Bangaraju, Kalyan Krishna picks up where he left off with Soggade Chinni Nayana. When he tries to tie the threads of both the films, he forgets to add some freshness to a dingy and dusty script. The film relies heavily on the enthusiasm of Akkineni fans to see Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya together in one frame. But is that enough to make the perfect solstice clock?

The film also tries to show the other side of Bangaraju when he admits to feeling lonely and longs for a better bond with his nerdy father.

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Chinna Bangaraju (Naga Chaitanya) grows up in the care of his grandmother Satyabhama (Ramya Krishnan) without his parents. His father Ram Mohan (Nagarjuna) leaves him under his care and returns to America after his wife Sita (Lavanya Tripathi) dies in childbirth. Despite being from a family that takes care of the local temple, he grows up sharing a difficult relationship with God due to the loss of his loved ones early in life.

Instead of taking care of the village, he opposes Naga Lakshmi (Kriti Shetty), the daughter of the sarpanch (Rao Ramesh), by playing a game of cards. Satyabhama calls on her husband Bangaraju (Nagarjuna) to help her grandson settle down, but little does he know how they will help him in the face of danger.
Bangaraju got off to a good start.

Gems have been found from under the temple. There is also a snake guarding the same structure. A priest has horrifying forebodings. To no one’s surprise, Bangaraju is having fun with Rambha-Urvasi-Maneka in heaven instead of flirting with the way to hell.

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Chinna Bangaraju is quirky; Naga Lakshmi is a manic pixie dream girl, portrayed as being dumb only for a few laughs. Satyabhama is that grandmother who can’t (literally) move on until she sees her grandson happy. Ram Mohan is back to doing what he does best – neglecting his family. Daksha Nagarkar, Meenakshi Dixit did cameos. It’s all high on drama, low on logic and laughs, yet enough to compel you to sit still, thanks to the colorful numbers.

But soon Kalyan Krishna tries to pull off the twists that seem to have been applied to it and introduces the old characters (Sampat Raj) too late in the story, pairing them with new characters like Adi (Padma Surya), Which seem to be lost one after the other.

Whereas. He also starts peeling off Chinna Bangaraju’s layers but loses the story midway. In Soggade Chinni Nayana the thread is replaced by a ring and before you know it, Faria Abdullah is dancing on the Wasiwadi Tassadia which brings some relief. But then if you’re looking forward to the songs, is the story really that compelling? Bangaraju starts out like a very long film with nothing really new to tell. It feels like old wine in a brand new bottle.

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Nagarjuna brings as usual spontaneity to his characters and shows more variation between Bangaraju and Ram Mohan, Chinna Bangaraju than Naga Chaitanya, when he is with Bangaraju. Sure, the slow motion shots featuring both the actors in one frame are nice and all, especially towards the end of the film, but maybe a little more humor would have saved the day.

Kriti does well in a character that doesn’t really give her the scope to perform. Ramya Krishnan is an absolute delight as always. Anoop Rubens’ music is fun and fits well with the story. Cinematographer Yuvraj also pulls off the scenes well. The weak VFX though disappoints and doesn’t let you immerse yourself in the story well.

Overall, Bangaraju Soggade may take Chinni Nayana’s story forward, but the film falls short in comparison to its predecessor. And this is what makes the clock of this Sankranti worth running.