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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download In Hindi 480p 720p 1080p Telegram

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download In Hindi 480p 720p 1080p Telegram: Anees Bazmee film invites comparison with the original but manages to hold its ground due to strong performances by Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani and Tabu.

It is quite difficult to look at the sequel in isolation and not compare with the original.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 definitely falls into this category as the first film starring Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan became a resounding hit at the box office and has acquired somewhat of a cult status over the years.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download In Hindi 480p 720p 1080p Telegram

Movie Name: Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2
Directed By: Anees Bazmee
Release Date: 20 May 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Trying to recreate the same magic in 2022 with Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani and Tabu lending a capable support.

There’s of course newer elements of thrill that director Anees Bazmee has instilled and introduced.

It’s Aakash Kaushik’s story (he has also written the dialogues) that allows the actors a huge canvas to show different shades and perform.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download In Hindi 480p

Strangers Ruhaan Randhawa (Karthik Aryan) and Reet Thakur (Kiara Advani) meet at a hill station and a quick click is followed by a song-and-dance sequence.

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Well, most of the love stories of Bollywood start like this. Things turn out as Ruhaan and Reet end up in a deserted mansion, where Manjulika’s spirit is believed to have been held captive for 18 years.

And in no time, Ruhan turns into Rooh Baba and convinces people that he can talk to ghosts and dead people’s spirits.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download Filmyzilla

What happens when he accidentally unleashes the spirit that’s been locked there for years? Will Manjulika take her revenge? Will Rooh Baba handle the situation with his heroic acts?

While there’s nothing common in this sequel and the first part–except Manjulika–the background score and the song Ami Je Tomar constantly take you back to the 2009 film and you again end up comparing. Nevertheless, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is a fresh story and it holds its ground.

Kartik, in this strange and ethereal role, gives a performance that does not disappoint.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download Hd avi

He gets ample scope to show his acting, dancing skills, comic timing and gets some genuine laughs too.

Kiara is as cute and simple as Reet and looks gorgeous in every frame. Not that it is some very different role that she hasn’t done in the past, yet Kiara doesn’t seem to be stuck anywhere and maintains her charm.

Sadly, her chemistry with Kartik doesn’t do any magic. Among other supporting cast, Sanjay Mishra, Ashwini Kalsekar and Rajesh Sharma bring some hilarious moments.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Download

Milind Gunanji and Amar Upadhyay too have essential parts but in a very limited screen time, we don’t see them bring much to the table. Chola actor Siddhant Ghegadmal as Potlu is quite a refreshing addition and lifts up a few dull scenes.