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Blue Lock Episode 1: Release Date, Streaming Online, Premiere, How To Watch

The popularity of sports anime has recently increased thanks to programmes like Aoashi, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls, Backflip, and Haikyu. With Blue Lock’s debut today, there might be a fresh challenger for the title of greatest sports anime of all time.

Blue Lock Episode 1: Release Date, Streaming Online, Premiere, How To Watch

Release Date:

  • Pacific Daylight time –9:30 am, October 8th
  • Central Daylight time – 11:30 am, October 8th
  • Eastern Daylight time – 12:30 am, October 8th
  • British Summer time – 5:30 am, October 8th
  • Central European Summer time– 6:30 am, October 8th
  • Indian Standard time – 10:00 pm, October 8th
  • Philippine time – 12:30 am, October 9th
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 2:00 am, October 9th

Streaming Online:

Blue Lock Season 1 episode 1 is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, October 8th.

This football (soccer) series has generated a lot of buzz around the international community with a storyline that feels uncomfortably similar to a cross between Deadman Wonderland and Aoashi. The plot, the number of episodes, and most importantly, the official release date and time for international streaming, are all included in our guide to Blue Lock.


The first season of the anime will have 24 total episodes, according to the official Japanese Blue Lock website.

The two consecutive courses, or three-month programming blocks, that the series will be broadcast in, mean that Blue Lock will air from October through March 2023.

How To Watch:

This coming October 9 at roughly 1.30 am JST on Japanese TV networks, Blue Lock episode 1 will debut. Soon after, the show will be made accessible to viewers worldwide so they may see it in their own country.

Crunchyroll allows fans to see Yoichi’s thrilling escapades from the very beginning. Moving forward, this will be the show’s official streaming platform.

Download File

Fans are encouraged to make use of it in order to support the official release of Blue Lock. Fans will be able to watch Blue Lock episode 1 and the rest of the series on this platform for a nominal charge.