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Boyz 3 Marathi Movie Download Filmyzilla in HD 1080p

Boyz 3 Marathi Movie Download Filmyzilla in HD 1080p: To honor his legacy, Kabir agrees to travel to his native place to complete the legal formalities of his mother’s properties. Reluctant to meet his father, Kabir agrees to take a road trip with his BFFs Dhungya and Patience.

Kabir is reluctant to meet his father. Patience and Dhungya plan a road trip to take her to her native place. Will the plan work or will it turn into a disaster, that’s what the film is all about.

Another utter disappointment from the plethora of sequels falling around in the Marathi industry. Full of situational double meaning jokes and I am ashamed to even call this comedy. Boyz and Boyz 2 were still bearable but this one is a huge setback for the franchise.

Boyz 3 Marathi Movie Download Filmyzilla

Boyz 3 is a Marathi Feature Film starring Parth Bhalerao , Pratik Lad , Sumant Shinde , Vidula Chougule , and more.

The movie is directed by Vishal Devrukhkar , and produced by Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde, Sanjay Chhabria, Everest Entertainment , Supreme Motion Pictures , After Play Film Studio , Unifi Media , Promobox Studios , Loki’s Studio , Vizual Junkies , Just Right Studios , Magic Stream Studio , Audumbar Entertainment , Dusk Studios . This movie released on and is currently in theatres.

Set under the same backdrop like the previous parts, three besties Kabir, Dhairya and Dhungya are back at it. Having a bitter relation with his father, Kabir refuses to visit his native place alone for signing a document.

Boyz 3 Marathi Movie Download Moviesflix

But Dhairya and Dhungya on the request of Kabir’s aunt, agree to make a farced plan of a road trip to convince Kabir into visiting his native place.

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But on their way to an all BOYZ trip they stumble upon a “lagnalu” girl in a wedding they crash for food. Now how will their plan unfold is what the comedy is about.

With little to no plot for the adventure the movie actually drifts off with numerous sub plots and events happening which don’t take the story forward in any sense. Filled with unwanted songs after every 30 minutes.

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The only saving grace of the film are a few jokes that actually work. The laughs are scattered very scarcely throughout which doesn’t makeup for a film from the comedy genre.

There are reports that this demand for ban is likely to reignite the Belagavi border dispute between organisations in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

It remains to be seen that if Boyz 3 is banned? Boyz 3 narrates the story of Dhungya, Kabir and Dhairya who set out on a journey. On this journey, they found a companion in Keerti.

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Previous 2 instalments of Boyz franchise received a lot of appreciation from audience. Boyz revolved around story of Kabir who shares a difficult relationship with his mother Gayatri.

She has not revealed anything about Kabir’s father which does not go well with him. Kabir is sent to a boarding school where he makes friends with Dhairya and Dhungya.

Boyz 3 Marathi Movie Download Free

Boyz 2 focuses on how Kabir, Dhairya and Dhungya fight for the rights of juniors. Due to this, they soon get into altercation with seniors. Parth, Kishori Ambiye, Onkar Bhojane compelling performances were major highlight of this film.

Actors Parth Bhalerao, Sumant Shinde, and Pratik Lad have essay pivotal roles and impressed audience in Boyz 3. Vidhula Chougule, Samir Choughule, Girish Kulkarni, Madhavi Juvekar and others also enacted important characters.