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Bro Daddy Malayalam Movie Download Movierulz Link 720p

Bro Daddy Malayalam Movie Download Movierulz Link 720p: Prithviraj Sukumaran is known for his bold stance on many issues including misogyny in films. Following the actress assault case, the actor even made a public apology, saying that he will never be part of any movie that glorifies misogyny.

But the actor-filmmaker seems to be completely unaware of the many shades of misogyny through which toxic masculinity is promoted in movies. In his directorial debut Lucifer which had Mohanlal in the lead role, Prithviraj made no attempt to create female characters that have their own agency.

Instead, he made two weak female characters played by Manju Warrier and Shaun Romi who has to in the end seek the help of the mass hero. He also included an item song in the movie to add a ‘punch’ to the usual mass-masala storyline.

Bro Daddy Malayalam Movie Download Movierulz Link 720p

Movie Name: Bro Daddy
Directed By: Prithviraj Sukumaran
Release Date: 26 January 2022
Size: 400 Mb

Maybe this is not the kind of misogyny the actor was talking about. He must have just thought of refraining from blatant misogynistic dialogues that could be glorified by fans.

Before his latest movie, Prithviraj repeated his much humble statement that ‘Bro Daddy will be a small movie’. Bro Daddy definitely is a small movie considering its vacant plot and lack of engagement with viewers.

After watching Prithviraj’s latest directorial venture Bro Daddy featuring himself, Mohanlal, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Meena in the lead roles, one might wonder what must have prompted Prithviraj to commit to such a script.

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Other than the bright and pleasant visuals, elitist surroundings, expensive cars and dresses, the movie doesn’t have anything interesting to offer. In fact, the movie felt like watching a long advertisement made on high budget.

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The plot revolves around two rich families of John Kattadi and Kurien played by Mohanlal and Lalu Alex, respectively, who are friends from childhood. John Kattadi runs a steel business while Kurien runs an advertising agency.

Prithviraj plays the role of Esho Kattadi who is a creative head in an advertising agency while Meena plays the role of John Kattadi’s wife. Kalyani Priyadarshan plays the role of Anna, daughter of Kurian, while Kaniha plays Kurian’s wife.

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Esho and Anna are in a live-in relationship in Bangalore without the knowledge of their parents and Anna accidentally gets pregnant. The movie then takes the predictable route, as Esho and Anna find it difficult to reveal the truth to their parents.

And the movie progresses, everyone except Kurien knows his daughter is pregnant and the movie drags along till Kurien also knows the truth. In fact the storyline of the movie felt similar to 2017 movie Honey Bee 2, except for the pregnancy.

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After a long time, Mohanlal’s performance felt a bit more free and easy on the eyes. The body language and simple expressions of the actor offer glimpses of his old self, but it still feels like the movement of his lips are constrained for some reason – a trait we can observe since his makeover in Odiyan.

Prithviraj again proved comedy is not his thing. In many instances, his comical expressions are overshadowed by his usual expression of high self-esteem. Kalyani Priyadarshan was charming and her reactions to the situations of the movie felt natural.

Lalu Alex, who has previously been seen in many ‘cool-daddy’ roles, had more scope to perform in this movie. The veteran supporting actor was brilliant in the emotional sequences towards the climax.

Bro Daddy Malayalam Movie Download

Unni Mukundan makes a guest appearance in the movie just to clap his hands at two instances. Nihkila Vimal also makes an appearance in the movie in the last scene as a nurse.

One wonders why an actress like Nihkila, who has played lead roles in movies, has been roped in to play a totally irrelevant character. Talented actor Soubin Shahir is also made to play a horrible and irritatingly comic character.