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Four separate age-group love tales are followed in C/O Kadhal. The single status of 49-year-old government peon Palani (Deepan N) irritates everyone in his area. When Radha (Sonia Giri), a new senior officer from Kerala, joins his workplace, he discovers love.

The love tale of Saleema (Mumtaz Sorcar), a sex prostitute, and TASMAC employee Thaadi (Vetri), follows. Additionally, there is Sunitha (Shwetha), a classmate of Velu (Nishesh), who loves to sing Vilakkuvecha Nerathile Mama from Munthanai Mudichu against her father’s objections.

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Meanwhile, Bhargavi (Ayra), a college-bound Brahmin girl who is prepared to renounce her faith for love, and Joseph (Karthik Ratnam), a local henchman, see their romance bloom.

All of these storylines are intended to elegantly intersect at one time in the end, but the movie jumps back and forth between them.

They do, to a certain extent, mostly as a result of performers like Deepan and Vetir’s respectable performances. But none of the casting decisions are appropriate. Despite the actors’ best efforts, it is unnerving to watch Mumtaz Sorcar in the role of Saleema and Ayra in the role of Bhargavi. More so than their performances, the casting choice is the problem. A similar level of artificiality permeates the movie’s setting. Here, the location is merely an ordinary Tamil Nadu town, unlike the original, which was a raw documentary of life in Kancharapalem.

C/O Kaadhal Movie Download In Kuttymovies

Nevertheless, there is much to like here, including the numerous belly laughs. The movie’s overall lighthearted tone is incredibly refreshing and helps to mitigate the numerous heartbreaking scenes. In hindsight, it appears that individuals who have watched the original movie are the only ones who can appreciate the film’s flaws.

Without any preconceived notions, C/O Kadhal will be a positive movie about some depressing societal concerns. The four love tales that form the basis of C/O Kaadhal provide for an emotional viewing experience.

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C/O Kaadhal Movie Download In Kuttymovies Isaimini

Episodes featuring four sets of people from various age groups serve as the basis for the movie’s exploration of the idea of romance. Shots of 49-year-old Pelani (Deepan), a peon at a government office, going about his day are shown in the film’s opening.

C/O Kaadhal Movie Download In Kuttymovies Isaimini

A sensitive friendship between Radha and Palani, a new officer who is a 42-year-old Malayali widow, develops in the workplace. Radha is played by Sonia Giri. Schoolboy Velu (Nishesh) develops feelings for his classmate Sunitha (Shwetha), and he makes clumsy attempts to win her over.

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In the meantime, Joseph (Karthik Rathnam), a henchman for a local power player, and 20-somethings Bhargavi (Ayra), a college student, fall in love. Then there’s Dhaadi (Vetri), a liquor store employee, who falls in love with Saleema (Mumtaz Sorcar) before ever seeing her face!

The movie weaves together sequences from various stories up to the very end, and while we attempt to understand how they are related, other than the fact that they are all about romance in some way and are set in the same location, it leaves us with a heartwarming conclusion.

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The 2018 Telugu film C/O Kancharapalem was remade as C/O Kaadhal, and director Hemambar Jasti faithfully — sometimes even excessively — follows the original. Hemambar does an almost frame-by-frame remake, from the scene of a man opening his windows to the usage of Hindi by a character who is not Tamil, a sex worker buttoning up her shirt, a Rs 500 payment given to beat up a person, and a father cutting potatoes while confronting his daughter.

The dialogues were translated mostly verbatim by Neelan K. Shekar. Yes, it’s a conservative approach, but it’s also logical and safe considering that it’s probably difficult to equal the lovable qualities of the original movie.

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The location in that movie had personality, unlike this one where it feels like a generic tiny town in south Tamil Nadu. This is why the slow pacing doesn’t work well here, especially in the first half. However, the casting is where this movie really falls short of the original.

That movie was notable for using non-actors, whose unpolished performances gave the action a very authentic feel. Several actors from the original film are among the ones in the cast here who have appeared in other movies.


Although the actors do a good job in their roles, the fact that they are somewhat recognisable takes away from the charming innocence that non-actors bring to their parts. Nevertheless, these flaws have a little influence on the story’s ability to move the audience emotionally.

Hemambar does a good job of hitting all the right emotional notes while keeping the story’s warmth, humour, and religious and societal critique from being lost.

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