Choo Mantra Kali Full Movie Download Isaimini

Dec 16, 2021 Featured

Choo Mantra Kali Full Movie Download Isaimini

Director A Sargunam’s collaborator Ishwar Kotravai is gearing up for his film ‘Chu Mandhirakali’. Annakkili Velu, produced by Annam Medias, the film is presented by Sargunam.

The filmmaker, who has been a part of many Sargunam films, says, “I believe a lot in the script. It will appeal to all. It has humour, emotion and all the commercial elements’.

Choo Mantra Kali Full Movie Download Isaimini

Album NameChoo Mandhira Kaali
Streaming PartnerAmazon Prime
Digital Release DateReady To Announce
Theatrical Released Date24 Sep, 2021
Size400 Mb
DirectorEswar Kotravai
StarringKarthikeyan Velu Sanjana Burli
Language Tamil
Film IndustryKollywood

“Though there are newcomers in it, we ensured that they get adequate action training before starting the shoot. Filming was a wonderful experience’.

Karthikeyan Velu who plays the lead role on his behalf says, “I loved the story. Acting is my passion. Though I started my career as a technical expert, I was keen on acting and it was because of Ishwar Kotravai that my dream came true.

Popular Kannada actress Sanjana Burali is the heroine. The cast includes Kishore Dev, Muhil, Govinda Mayan,

V Sridhar, Singravelan, Mettur Sekar, Venkatesh Babu, Mu Ka Chinnanan, Maragatham Sivaprakasam among others. Cinematography is done by Mohammad Farhan. Music has been composed by Satish Raghunathan.

Choo Mandhirakali opens with a note that says it is dedicated to Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson. Considering that these two filmmakers are known for their quirky films, it sets up some expectations. The good news is that the film lives up to some of our expectations.

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The plot is definitely fictional. A village consisting of only cousins ​​who, despite living together, are so jealous of each other. As the narrator tells us, farming is their secondary occupation. First? To ruin your fellow cousins! A young man, Murugan (Karthikeyan Velu), troubled by this infighting and fearing he will put an end to this jealousy, decides to go to a village of tantriks and bring the most powerful of them to his village. does.

As a couple, he and his friend Sami (Kishore Dev) enter the place, and realize that the most powerful tantrik is Sundarvalli (Sanjana Burli). Murugan who is attracted to her must fall in love with her in order to be successful in his plans, but her jealous cousin, who manages to turn Sami against her, also gives his life to prevent this from happening. Will give

Though he takes his own sweet time (despite a scene involving a house fire and expressing meanness between cousins), the film’s writer and director Ishwar Kotravai manages to firmly establish his bizarre world. It is a world full of tantriks who can fly, use lemons as mobile phones and even trap rain inside coconuts. The production designs, costumes and locations immediately immerse us in this fantasy world.

The comic flourish keeps us engaged with the proceedings even when the pace is low. Humor comes in all forms… While we get sight gags, deadpan comedy and situational comedy, the major comic tool that Ishwar Kotravai uses is dark humour. A pair of running gags work brilliantly.

Choo Mantra Kali Full Movie Download

One involves a thief who has been trapped in the village by tantriks. He is charmed to believe that he can find an exit and keeps running all the time to escape the place. It gets even more fun when Murugan’s cousins, who enter the village, decide to follow him to get out! The other involves Sundarvalli and Aruvi and Kuruvi, two girls who are his assistants, trying to convince themselves that Murugan is actually Lord Murugan himself.

However, despite many interesting things on a conceptual level, the Chu Mandhirakali is simply a fascinating watch.. a slight twist – albeit a pleasant one. And that’s because for all the quirks in the writing, the film lacks the visual inventiveness of the Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson films. The visuals have a TV serial-like quality to them. And the performances are amateur. Sometimes we feel like we students are watching a movie. But the intention to deliver an unusual film lets through these shortcomings and ends up looking favorably on it.