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This is the only place where you will get proper way on Cirkus Movie Download, so read carefully and follow the steps given below. Two sets of identical twins separated at birth, end up in the same town at the same time, years later. The confusion and misunderstanding that ensues throws their lives into a tizzy.

Ranveer Singh is going through a tough time in his career it seems. The actor had faced two consecutive failures- with ’83 and with YRF’s Jayeshbhai Jordaar. He was confident about impressing audiences in a double role in Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus.

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While the audience too had high hopes, the film faced power outage if we are to go by reviews. In fact, as per, current nai laga re. The Day 2 box office numbers of the film are out and it won’t be wrong to say that Cirkus needs a life-saving jhatka on Christmas.

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A square and B square are the names of the twins, who are later christened as Roy (Ranveer Singh) and Joy (Varun Sharma) by the two different couples, who adopt them.

Thus, unknowingly putting in place a recipe for disaster and confusion that is bound to play out when these four boys grow up and bump into each other.

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That’s precisely the one-line story (if we can call it that) of this Rohit Shetty film that’s supposed to be a comedy of errors but is abysmally low on that ingredient.

Set in the picturesque green hills of Ooty and carefully created colourful and unreal set pieces that look like a theme park, ‘Cirkus’ is based in the late 60s or early 70s era, as the film desperately tries to pay a tribute to the cinema of the time.

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Many classic Bollywood numbers pop up in the background at every given opportunity and the only thing louder than the yesteryear costumes of the actors, is their acting. It’s an all-out slapstick comedy but the problem is not that, as Bollywood has seen several films in that genre that have taken the audience along with it for a joyride. It also includes some films from Rohit Shetty’s stable.

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Collectively, barely a scene or two manage to evoke the kind of laughter we are used to experiencing in a Rohit Shetty film. Sample this, our hero Roy is immune to high voltage shocks and his showstopper act at his ‘Jubilee Cirkus’ is to dramatically make two live wires kiss each other, with his bare hands. But everytime he does that his judwaa bhai experiences a massive electric shock and so does anyone who touches him.

All is well with him once the act is over. If you can get past this, then you’d perhaps have a little less discomfort in sitting through the rest of the plot that involves caricatures, good actors wasted in stereotypical characters, unfunny dialogues, and situations that literally go nowhere. The screenplay offers nothing fresh in terms of comedy and punchlines and suffers from abject repetition.

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We are very excited to see Ranveer Singh once again at Rohit Shetty’s Circus. The film stars Ranveer Singh in a dual role for the first time in his career, starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Pooja Hegde.

Pooja Hegde recently said about shooting ‘Circus’ with Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh: ‘Don’t think I’m laughing so hard on the film sets.’ She also said, “The energy and vibe on the set was great.”

Now we have a new update about the movie. According to Bhaskar’s report, Rohit Shetty hired 150 trained gymnasts and acrobats to enhance the film.

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A source close to the film said: “The world of a large circus troupe has been created. This time the comedy has been kept serious and not shrill or ridiculous. The lives of those who work in a circus troupe have been used as allegories. He is used throughout the film as a metaphor for how life with gymnasts and acrobats working in a circus troupe is like a layman performing tricks throughout his life.Wherever you get stuck, comedy happens Along with the main characters of the film, this allegory is also present as a subplot throughout the film.

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The stunts will also be seen in the film as the 90s circus. “With the character of Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty has tried to bring back the almost extinct circus culture to the masses. Ranveer will be seen in the role of a circus operator in the film. Brave stunts and magic tricks that used to be performed in circus troupes in the 90s are included in this movie.

This has helped make the film visually aesthetic. Rohit rolled for 15 days with 150 trained gymnasts and acrobats. The entire film was shot over 90 days. An important part of the filming has been dedicated to the circus aspect. Those parts have been shot considering it as stage art.

It was also reported that Ranveer used to do rehearsal and reading sessions on the sets. The sources also gave important information about Ranveer’s attitude, saying, ‘Ranveer has become a big star, but even today he has faith in the director. He never demanded any changes to the script during filming. Most of the filming for the movies took place at night, so the actors faced a lot of trouble getting to and from the location. Acquaintances also did not call during that time.

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Compliance with the Covid protocol also helped more. Also, Ranveer used to get two extra hours and rehearse daily with the rest of the cast on the sets. This way, he used to have a chance to prepare for the character during filming and didn’t have to do separate reading sessions etc. The rehearsals on the set used to be in plain clothes and then everyone would come in the costume of his character.

Ranveer Singh also appeared in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba which was released in theaters in December 2018 and became a blockbuster. Meanwhile, YRF’s Jayeshbhai Jordaar is also on his way for Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh tries to do his best in portraying both his characters, but sadly both the parts lack enough conviction. Deepika Padukone’s cameo in the song ‘Current Laga Re’ is a highlight that comes as a true respite. Varun Sharma’s comic timing is criminally wasted here and, in the end, it’s upto the ever-so-dependable Johny Lever (as Polson bhai) to bring in some much-needed organic laughter.

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The ace comedian creates more rib-tickling moments in his few minutes of screentime than the entire cast put together. Pooja Hegde looks resplendent in her sombre role of Roy’s wife Mala. Jacqueline Fernandez steps in to add the glam quotient as Roy’s girlfriend and does just that. Sanjay Mishra once again takes one for the team in a role that isn’t funny, but the actor makes up for the lack in the writing and the missing punchlines, which is a recurring problem of this unfunny mess.

‘Cirkus’ is a busy film filled with a battery of characters put together with a purpose to make us laugh, but is far from that. Entertaining the audience with slapstick comedy and drama is a tightrope that Rohit Shetty has successfully walked before but this time he seems to have tripped several times along the way.

Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus starring Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma in a double role hasn’t clicked with the masses and it’s pretty much game over at the box office. The start itself was underwhelming and then there wasn’t any improvement in the situation on Saturday. Even on day 3, the advance booking is flat, and below is all you need to know!

For Shetty fans, it’s a huge shocker as the director is popularly known as the hit machine of the box office and has never gone wrong in striking the right chords with the masses. He has delivered 11 back-to-back successes and even revived the film industry to some extent with his Sooryavanshi. Sadly, this time, he has failed in his attempt.

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Cirkus was expected to flourish today given it’s a Sunday and people usually step out in big numbers to watch films on Christmas. Unfortunately, the film is enjoying no benefit at all as advance booking for day 3 is below average with just 2.75 crores‘ coming in through ticket sales. It’s totally disappointing and it seems that people are preferring Avatar 2 during this festive season.

Rohit Shetty is so busy giving us a social message that he forgets to add ‘tadka ‘ — also called ‘entertainment’ — to the film. Set in the late 1960s, the film delves into adoption and upbringing, making it boring right from the start.

The script is inspired from Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, which was earlier adapted by Gulzar in the 1982 movie, Angoor, starring Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma in double roles.

Screenplay writer Yunus Sajawal has done a copy-paste job in Cirkus, replacing those fine actors with Ranveer Singh as Roy and Varun Sharma as Joy.

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The setup is different, as here, the first Roy is an ‘electric man’ while the other is a businessman. By definition, a circus is an entertainment or spectacle usually consisting of trained animal acts and exhibitions of human skill and daring.

In this Cirkus, located in Ooty, you get none. There are some occasional jumping acts here and there by jokers, and then the protagonist just holds two cables and passes current through his body.

WhatsApp jokes double up as movie dialogues. This is what Shetty makes us believe is called ‘entertainment’. Varun Sharma should be asked in his own dialogue, ‘Tu film mein kyon tha bhai?’

The same thing goes to Jacqueline Fernandez, who disappears ina blink of an eye, and Pooja Hegde, with her expressionless acting. Only Sanjay Mishra and Siddhartha Jadhav hold the film together.

Mishra falls flat in the first half in dialogue delivery with no good one-liners, but he gets his moments in the second. Jadhav rightly plays a Johnny Lever protege and will surely be Bollywood’s next Johnny Lever if he gets more acting assignments.

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Producer-director Rohit Shetty’s latest shot at slapstick comedy – a genre that he has had a great deal of success with over the years – is cinema’s equivalent of a trash can. It is full of garbage.

The golmaal is that the vapid caper film goes round and round in circles as it recycles exceedingly trite tropes, shoves them into a garish and turgid package and leaves a bunch of actors led by the effervescent Ranveer Singh (in a double role) with no chance at all of rising above the muddle.

Yes, Cirkus is abysmally bad. It is a mind-numbing film that would have done the world a favour by not advancing beyond the script stage. It does neither the medium nor the genre any justice. The only thing that is truly comical about Cirkus is its unmitigated ineptitude.

The film has one foot planted firmly in the past, which by itself is not such a bad thing. It makes a song and dance about the debt that it owes to comedy movies of yore. But with no real imagination on display, Cirkus demonstrates what is amiss with contemporary Hindi films that are aimed at giving a mass audience its money’s worth.

Old Hindi movie songs constitute the spine of the Cirkusbackground music. The film’s gaudy colour palette makes real backdrops look like painted ones. Its ‘comic’ gags are pathetically unfunny. And the acting all around is consistently substandard.

The lead actor tries hard – way too hard – and the effort shows. Even a proven performer like Sanjay Mishra is saddled with a role that that can only get on one’s nerves. As for Pooja Hegde and Jaqueline Fernandez, the less said the better.

Hindi movie fans know Ranveer Singh as an actor who can bring a great deal of natural gusto to a role. Here, too, he does pretty much the same, but the two roles that he is stuck with are awfully insipid. His performance comes unstuck owing the sheer inanity of the writing.

Yunus Sajawal’s screenplay runs logic to the ground in search of laughs. It stretches a thin, puerile storyline into a full-length film about two pairs of twins whose paths cross three decades after being deliberately separated by a doctor who is out to prove that a person’s character is determined by upbringing, not the bloodline.

Besides the doctor, the script throws in a trio of small-time thieves – they are called Momo, Mango and Chikki but their pranks are anything but palatable – in pursuit of a duffel bag filled with cash. All they do is make fools of themselves. The audience is supposed to laugh at their antics. We do laugh, but only at the sheer vacuity that is on show.

The makers of Cirkus have no clue whatsoever about the distinction between inspired lunacy and brainless buffoonery. The former eludes them completely. They run with tiring doses of the latter. This is entertainment so infantile that goes back and forth between the manic and the moronic without serving any real purpose.

If the plot seems hackneyed, there is an obvious reason. Cirkus borrows its central idea from William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, which has already seen two iterations in Hindi – Do Dooni Chaar (1968) and Angoor (1982), the former written by Gulzar, the latter also directed by him to make amends for the failure of the first film.

Angoor, with Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma in their elements, ranks among the finest comedies ever to emerge from Mumbai. Cirkus is a blotchy tribute to that much-loved film devoid of the wit and sophistication of the script that it is inspired by but lacks the wherewithal to replicate.

Cirkus also weaves a nature-versus-nurture theme into its hollow core – as aspect of the raggedy romp that may or may not remind one the 1951 Raj Kapoor classic Awara and the conversely-themed 1975 melodrama produced by the showman, Dharam Karam. Either way, Rohit Shetty’s imbecile has no redeeming features that might make all the huffing and puffing appear worthwhile.

A doctor played by Murli Sharma, an actor who knows his onions by all reckoning, pops up on the screen every now and then to fill us in with the details of the rigmarole. Electricity connects two twins separated at birth – one can withstand high-voltage shocks, the other is assailed by waves of electric current that he has no control over.

It is 1942. The doctor who runs an orphanage decides to perform an experiment to prove his detractors wrong. He breaks up two pairs of new-born twins and gives them up for adoption. One duo goes to a couple in Bangalore, the other ends up in a home in Ooty.

Thirty years on, the Bangalore pair, Roy and Joy (Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma), travels to the town where the other duo, also Roy and Joy (Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma), lives and works in a thriving family-owned circus. Needless to say, their arrival in Ooty sparks confusion all around.

The performer-protagonist is endowed with a special skill; his twin in Bangalore suffers the consequences of the act that the latter performs in the circus arena. The goings-on on the screen are orchestrated in the belief that it all is going to be a hoot. It is anything but.

The biggest problem with Cirkus is no different from the drawback that most Hindi movies are undone by these days. It has no respect for the audience. The anything goes approach to filmmaking springs from a combination of creative bankruptcy and complacency. Cirkus is utterly hare-brained. It is easy to see why.