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Cobra Tamil Movie Download in Kuttymovies Moviesda tamilrockers

Cobra Tamil Movie Download in Kuttymovies Moviesda tamilrockers: Mathematician genius Mathi who has another identity is the cobra who uses mathematics to commit intelligent crimes.

Chiyaan Vikram, undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of all time, is badly in need of a commercial hit. Her handshake with Ajay Gnanamuthu of the simple ‘Demonte Colony’ fame who plays the killer of mathematical genius is enough to captivate the audience.

Cobra Tamil Movie Download in Kuttymovies

Whether this stylishly packaged highly spread out time pass entertainer lives up to the expectations from the combo, it remains to be seen.

A series of murders of high profile personalities such as the Chief Minister of Odisha, the Prince of Scotland and the Russian Defense Minister are carried out by an assassin who is a master of disguise.

Cobra Tamil Movie Download Moviesda

Interpol officer Aslan (Irfan Pathan) is assigned the case and is shocked as a hacker keeps sending out fragmentary information about the killer.

Interpol is at a loss until Judith Samson (Meenakshi Govindarajan), a student from Chennai, concludes (!?) that it is the work of a mathematical genius and sends out a thesis on it.

Cobra Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers

Cut to Chennai where Mathiazhagan (Chiyan Vikram), a math teacher who turns down the advances of a young professor Bhavna (Srinidhi Shetty), becomes the prime suspect.

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Meanwhile Rishi (Roshan Mathew), a shady businessman, is also behind the killer with his own reasons. As to why Mathi has turned into a cobra and is committing crimes and whether he will be caught or not, the film deals with some interesting twists.

Cobra Tamil Movie Download Masstamilan

On the pretty steep downside the two love portions and the youth flashback of the hero suck the energy out of the rest of the action. The dialogues are contrived and hollow especially in the love stories.

While nothing much happens in the first half too much information is crammed into the second in the name of detailing. Logical loopholes abound and the reason given for the murderous enmity between the brothers is not convincing at all.

The screenplay seems built on one wow idea mixed with random doses of inspiration from ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Juno’, ‘Die Hard 4’ and our very own ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Aalavandaan’.

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Despite all the hype, the roles of Mathiazhagan/Cobra and another suspenseful character Chiyan are not challenging enough for Vikram’s caliber.

There is an interrogation scene in which his mental state is revealed and the interesting portrayal gives Chiyan fans something to cheer for.

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Regarding Vikram’s many getups, Kale Pujari and Rockstar act while the others are not good enough to escape international security. A retrograde role for ‘KGF’ fame Srinidhi Shetty as a woman.

Vikram plays the math teacher Madhiyazhagan, who moonlights as a highly skilled assassin. His acumen and ability to apply mathematics to the real world, along with his ability to hide under a chameleon-like new skin, help him commit the most bizarre of murders.

One of the characters even compares his actions to that of a cobra that can shed skin when needed and deliver deadly strikes if necessary.