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Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p: Paresh Rawal will return to his roots in the year 2022. After Naseeb Ni Balihari (1982), the veteran actor would return to Gujarati cinema with Dear Father, with some help from his family.

Rawal did not do Gujarati films for some time and when he returned he saw some changes in the industry.

Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

Movie Name: Dear Father
Directed By: Umang Vyas
Release Date: 4 Mar, 2022
Size: 400 Mb

“Now, Gujarati cinema is catering to modern sensibilities, and the filmmaking has also changed. They call it urban Gujarati film. For me, the film is either good or bad, and not urban or rural. Nonetheless, it’s a very good thing that young talent is coming up. There are some very good filmmakers like Abhishek Shah. There are films like Hellaro, which won the National Award,” says Rawal.

“So all the films are happening, and the audience is also receiving them like gusto,” he adds.

There is one thing that he feels is still missing and needs to be looked into.

Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download Filmyzilla

“It’s the availability of theatres. If there are more theaters and a good, solid, muscular distribution channel it will help the industry,” he suggests.

Rawal might have been absent from Gujarati films, but he has been a regular in the theatre space since his first Gujarati play Vairee in 1972.

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He feels that the Gujarati audience is well nurtured and groomed, and they are used to watching terrific plays.

Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download Free

“So I wanted to reach out to the audience and give them something. When you have such a solid audience, it is a crime or a sin to give them something that is substandard. In fact, I was talking to many filmmakers to do something in Gujarati. It has been my wish to act in a Gujarati film for many years,” he shares.

It was challenging for the makers of Dear Father, directed by Umang Vyas, to smoothly adapt from the popular Gujarati play of the same name to a feature film.

“It was very exciting to make Dear Father, the film because I knew the material and character inside out. The only challenge was how to turn it into screenplay. We didn’t want it to look like people were watching a drama. There were certain qualities which were inherent in the story that we couldn’t discard,” he notes.

Dear Father Gujarati Movie Download

“The other challenge was not to have theatricality in our performances. So as an actor, I have to be quite alert about it. We had to ensure it looked like film acting,” he shares.