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Download KKN Di Desa Penari (2022) Full Movie Online Free

Download KKN Di Desa Penari (2022) Full Movie Online Free: KKN film was enthusiastically welcomed by Indonesian film audience in Penari village.

Delayed thrice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AV Suryadi-directed film quickly grabbed a million viewers in just four days of screening from April 30, 2022. An important tweet on Twitter in KKN di Desa Penari 2019 is a movie adapted by @SimpleM81378523 aka SimpleMan.

Download KKN Di Desa Penari (2022) Full Movie

In fact, MD Pictures immediately adapted the film and was scheduled to hit the theaters in March 2020. However, it was changed to February 2022 and then finally aired from April 30, 2022.

The story of this film deals with the myths and mystical stories experienced by a group of students who are doing Real Work Lectures (KKN) in a village. They are Tissa Biyani as Noor, Adinda Thomas as Vidya, Aghani Haque as Ayu, Ahmed Magantara as Bima, Calvin Jeremy as Anton.

As a director, Avi admitted that she felt offended when the date of airing kept changing as netizens kept asking when the exact date of KKN aired in Dancer Village.

Download KKN Di Desa Penari 2020 Full Movie

“I am relieved that it has finally aired. Because some netizens ask politely, then get annoyed, until they finally blaspheme because the airing date keeps changing. But it is the right of the producer, a Not mine as a director,” Avi said when he toured under editorship.

According to Awi, the pandemic condition that can be overcome has given him optimism since the final plan for the film’s screening was confirmed.

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As I am a horror movie junkie, can I even watch it right? And Indonesia is also known for its gruesome horror films. I read that some said that the gimmicks going on in theaters didn’t really do anything positive for the film – some even said they were disappointed.

KKN Di Desa Penari (2022) Full Movie Free Download

So, this is the next film that I will be reviewing. It was being talked about all over the social media-verse – and I was completely clueless about it.

“The current conditions are PPKM level one in several places. Then cinemas can open at 100% capacity, very fitting for KKN in the Dancer Village. Because this film is the type of film that must be enjoyed together in theaters,” he said.

Six university students goes into a very secluded and remote village to complete their practical training with the locals. The practical training is known as Kerja Kuliah Nyata (KKN) and the village is known as Desa Penari.

Download Film KKN Di Desa Penari (2022)

Desa Penari is located so far into the woods and the students has to ride on motorbikes to get to the village. The village has no electricity and the villages uses river for everything – drinking, bathing and other activities too.

Departing from the viral story, Awi admitted that he was not burdened as a director. Although he admitted that many sent messages to him to film KKN in Penari Village before finally being appointed by MD Pictures to be the director.

Meanwhile, Noor and Vidya hear and see a supernatural figure while in the bath house. While the mess is getting stronger, Pak Lord brings the children to see the local magician Mbah Byut.

Mbah Buyut confirms that the village spirits adore Widya and therefore continue to observe the entities and disturbances around them. Meanwhile, Mbah Buyut says that Noor has a protective unit looking out for her, and the spirits don’t like the presence.