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F3 Full Movie Download in Telugu Tamilrockers Moviezwap

F3 Full Movie Download in Telugu Tamilrockers Moviezwap: Venky and Varun are trying to overcome financial problems. What happens when they encounter the Pragati family, who are greedy for money?

Anand Prasad (Murli Sharma) is a rich man who has only been rich for a short time. He lives in a palace-like house somewhere in Vizianagaram, and is highly respected by everyone around him – from commoners to politicians.

He is also self-conscious and knows that his money is what gives him power and respect. The film is also self-aware.

F3 Full Movie Download in Telugu Tamilrockers Moviezwap

Movie Name: F3
Directed By: Anil Ravipudi
Release Date: 27 May 2022
Size: 400 Mb

So much so that it stops being a movie somewhere around the half-hour mark and turns into a sequence of skits—something that happens frequently with this filmmaker.

It is so conscious of the audience that it tries everything to entertain them, which, in turn, makes it less involving and less fun. One more question: how many inside jokes are too many?

F3: Fun and frustration filled with money-hungry immoral characters. One of the protagonists, Venky (Venkatesh), provides a service that specializes in shortcuts: from marriage registration to vehicles.

F3 Full Movie Download in Telugu

Varun (Varun Tej) is a scammer of a different color who pretends to be other people to make quick money. Harika (Tamanna Bhatia) and Honey (Mehreen Pirzada) are also creeps, but since they are women, they use their feminine ways and “magical balm” to get what they want.

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Don’t get the film wrong, though, because it insists that it respects women very much. So much so that it refuses to look at them as people—lest we accuse the movie of gawking.

F3’s overarching message is this: respect money, which is fitting because that’s all the filmmaker seems to respect as well. I didn’t see any reverence for the medium as the filmmaker treats the movie like a daily soap with a loud BGM score—DSP making the least possible effort—and repetitive shots that reveal nothing important.

F3 Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

I am fine with the story and set up following the age-old template, but the comedy must be fresh. Something has to be new to warrant a 2 hour, 20-minute movie.

Towards the already laboured climax, Venkatesh comes out dressed as Narappa, from Narappa (2021), and hits a few goons. Why? Because the film hasn’t been released in theatres, and fans deserve a glimpse.

As if that is all the film stands for. If that isn’t enough, there is constant mention of Venkatesh’s legacy and who he is; the same applies to Varun Tej. Again, the same question: didn’t you do that already with your previous film.

F3 Full Movie Download Moviezwap

Look, the film is not completely barren. Most of the actors are veterans, so they don’t need a good script to work. Venkatesh’s comic timing is just as sharp, even if the film is never quite what it deserves.

Varun Tej is impressive as he tries to match. While Mehreen is only functional, Tamannaah manages to make an impression as she gets the same lengthy role as her male counterparts, albeit equally ridiculous. Rajendra Prasad from the film Cleverly.

Why Vizianagaram, you might ask? Just so the interval card can read ‘Vijayanagaramo, Veeraswargamo.’ If a song asks for the actors to be sexy, they will be sexy. It doesn’t matter if the situation doesn’t allow it because he will ignore it altogether.

F3 Full Movie Review

There is something to be said about this commitment to make something silly and stupid. If only it were funny. If only it didn’t make me wonder about the number of brain cells I am losing with every passing minute.

Films like this afford the viewer an opportunity to consider their boundaries. How offensive is too offensive? How far can you go along with a joke before it becomes humourless? And the amount of self-loathing you indulge in after having laughed at a bad joke can tell you a lot about yourself.

In that sense, Anil Ravipudi’s F3: Fun and Frustration is art, too, as it allows introspection, even if the burden of the word is solely on the viewer.

F3 Movie Download

However, as it stands, the film is a laughable attempt at comedy and entertainment. Some films ask the viewer to leave their brains at home, but this film makes sure that you leave the theatre empty-headed.