Fuffad Ji Punjabi Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p

Dec 17, 2021 Featured

Fuffad Ji Punjabi Movie Download Filmywap 480p 720p 1080p

Written by Raju Varma and directed by Pankaj Batra, the Punjabi film Fafad Ji (2021) stars Binnu Dhillon, Gurnam Bhullar and Jasmine Bajwa.

Movie Name:Fuffad Ji
Director:Pankaj Batra
Release Date:17 December 2021

The son-in-law of the house, Arjun Singh (Dhillon) twirls his keys and twirls his mustache, and the whole house runs around to make him feel special, while he tries to find a problem where there is none.

With a delicate ego, Arjun Singh takes full advantage of his high status as uncle and weaves long tales, expecting everyone’s attention and service. But amidst all this, he really cares for his nieces and treats them like his own daughters.

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One day, Chand Singh (Bhullar) teases Arjun Singh in a wrong way at the village fair. In an unexpected turn of events, Palli (Bajwa) is married to Chand Singh, making him Arjun Singh’s fellow son-in-law. The second part of the film focuses on the struggle for power between two sons-in-law.

In a light-hearted tone, Phufad ji creates the rustic atmosphere of a village where the traditional family plays an exaggerated version of obedient hospitality, underscoring the son-in-law’s high status in the wife’s maternal aunt.

The second part slows down a bit but overall the film is entertaining, weaving in the anti-dowry message and social message that sons-in-law should behave like sons of the family and should not expect slavery from their in-laws.

Dhillon is brilliant as the fiery uncle and shows versatility in his performance. Bhullar as a turbaned Sikh looks handsome and brings an innocent charm to his character, which is the perfect foil to Dhillon’s starring personality. Jasmine Bajwa brings freshness to her capable performance. Veteran hobbies Dhaliwal, Malkit Rooney and others create the perfect atmosphere to unfold the family drama.

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The title song, the lively dance numbers ‘Boliyan Na Paun’ and ‘Gal Ban Jau’, and the romantic number ‘Apan Dowen’ stand out for their soothing melody. It is a family entertainer with a fresh storyline and remarkable performances.

The much awaited Gurnam Bhullar and Binnu Dhillon starrer Phufad Ji has finally hit the theaters today. It stars Binnu Dhillon, Gurnam Bhullar in lead roles, Jasmine Bajwa and Siddhika Sharma in female lead roles, and actors like Hobby Dhaliwal, Mahabir Bhullar, Gurpreet Bhangu and others as supporting characters.

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We have seen the film, and here we bring you an honest and detailed movie review. If you are planning to watch the movie today or any day, then this review will help you make up your mind.

It was no secret that the film is based on a story that focuses on the relationship between a phuphad (uncle) and a jija (brother-in-law), who are practically the sons-in-law of the same family. While Binnu Dhillon played the role of Arjan Singh, Gurnam Bhullar was seen playing the character of Chhan Singh (brother-in-law).

And ever since the trailer of the film dropped, fans were waiting for the surprise release with the film. And as both the name and the trailer of the film suggested, yes, the film is a light family drama which is certainly entertaining but not much happening.

If we describe you the story of the film in one sentence, we would say that it is exactly like the scientific fact that we learned in school i.e. ‘Same poles are repellent to each other.’ Both Phuphd and Jija of the story are men with high ego in mind but keep beauty in heart. Hence, their equal nature ensures that there is always a rift between them which is ultimately the main source of entertainment for the audience.

And along with the sweet and salty fights between the leads, the film also gave the audience a small glimpse of their simple yet sweet romantic sides. The first interval of the film will give you a glimpse of the relationship between Arjan Singh and his wife, and since the second interval is about Chhan Singh and Pali’s marriage, a part of it is dedicated to him.

Fuffad Ji Punjabi Movie Download Filmywap

Talking about the performances of the leads, Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar, they both fit well in the characters as if they were written just for them. Although we have no complaints about the acting skills of any of the actors, including the assistants, we personally feel that Binnu Dhillon’s skills were somehow under-utilised and the character creation of the female lead; Jasmine Bajwa and Siddhika Sharma felt a bit weak on screen.

And if you’ve been waiting to tell us what Jassi Gill will be doing as a cameo in the film, we’re not going to reveal much, but we can assure you that she’s the one who’s alluring more. Will add and keep the legacy going.

If you have seen the trailer of the film, then we can say that you can already guess a lot about the film.