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Gargi Tamil Movie Download in 4k 480p 720p 1080p

Gargi Tamil Movie Download in 4k 480p 720p 1080p: Gargi is an intense drama about a woman who is fighting for justice.

The hues and cry of a woman in pain, the struggle against her attacker, the helpless jerks of her body are all jarring images that we have seen multiple times in movies. Sometimes, it is used to relay the grim nature of the crime, but most times, it is captured with a voyeuristic eye.

Gargi Tamil Movie Download in 480p 720p 1080p

One that says “look at these monsters having their way with their prey”. This perspective leaves nothing to imagine, and is mostly dead set on shocking the viewers into submission. Submitting to the message that the film is set to impart.

Take for instance, the phrase “I am a father to a daughter too” is thrown around. This very phrase is used in different instances within the film to portray how a sentiment such as this — where a woman/girl is seen as nothing but an extension of a man — is exploited.

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Initially, it is Gargi who stresses on how her father could not commit a crime such as this. After all, he is a parent to two daughters. She tries to defend her father, and to add character and depth to her defence, we learn of an incident in Gargi’s past.

One where her father was the hero who chased away the monster that haunted her every step. Her notion, in the face of this revelation seems fair. He is a father worth worshipping, is he not?

Actor Sai Pallavi is basking in the phenomenal response for her latest release Gargi, a legal drama about a daughter’s struggle to save her father.

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Gargi Tamil Movie Download 720p

On Sunday, Sai Pallavi visited a few theatres in Chennai and surprised her fans with her appearance. A video clip from one of the theatres has surfaced on social media.

Then comes the cop, who uses his months old daughter to emotionally manipulate the victim’s father. His mistake is what brings upon an upheaval in what had otherwise been a strong case.

While he understands the weight of it, he is also in a hurry to ensure that his investigation had indeed been headed in the right direction. He uses his baby to make his request seem palatable.

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The film, which was dubbed and released in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, also stars Aishwarya Lekshmi and Kaali Venkat.

The HT review of the film read: “Gautham Ramachandran’s Gargi features Sai Pallavi in one of the most stirring performances from a mainstream heroine in recent times.

It is a hard-hitting, unsettling drama about a daughter’s fight for justice. The film, which is unarguably the best Tamil film of the year so far, throws the spotlight on a very delicate issue, which is dealt with such unparalleled sensitivity that’s rarely seen these days.

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At a time, when mainstream cinema is all about exaggerated machismo and star power, Gargi comes as a breath of fresh air; it leaves a lasting impact.”

His intention is not to nail the wrong man, but to ensure that the criminal doesn’t slither away using loopholes provided in law. The ending, of course, disabuses one of this notion.

To veer away from this conservative approach to a sensitive story is the best thing that Gargi’s writer duo — Gautham Ramachandran and Hariharan Raju — have done. The former is also the director and producer of the Sai Pallavi-starrer presented by actors Suriya and Jyothika’s 2D Entertainment.

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‘Gargi’ , a female centric film starring Sai Pallavi in the lead role comes with a lot of expectations especially after Suriya-Jyothika and Rana Daggubatti grabbed the theatrical release rights for the Tamil and Telugu versions respectively.

The film directed and produced by Gautham Ramachandran justifies its hype in every way especially in handling a sensitive subject admirably within the commercial format.

A nine year old girl is gang-raped by 4 North Indian youths working in an apartment building in Chennai who flee to their home states. After they are apprehended it comes to light that there is a fifth man involved and police arrest sixty year old security guard Brahmanandam (R.S. Sivaji).