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Gehraiyaan Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p HD

Gehraiyaan Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p HD: A woman finds herself at a crossroads in life. Their six-year relationship has turned sour and their careers seem to have come to a halt. However, the arrival of her cousin forces her to confront a troubled past.

A smart-pants, leathery relationship drama that works under the illusion that it’s giving the genre a major makeover, Gehrayan is not unlike the hired yacht on which many of the film’s key scenes take place. For all its fancy trappings, the film is completely at sea.

Gehraiyaan, an Amazon original movie, uses the cliched device of crashing ocean waves to symbolise the swelling passion of two young people who stray away from their chosen partners, but the plot is about as deep as a muddy swamp.

Gehraiyaan Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p HD

Movie Name: Gehraiyaan
Directed By: Shakun Batra
Release Date: 11 February 2022
Size: 400 Mb

It is about secrets that people keep and lies that they tell to conceal their true selves. Owing to an uninspired, laboured, superficial narrative, it sinks in a puddle of its own making.

It is a 150-minute advertisement for the ritzy lifestyle of a bunch of pretty people with Bel Air airs but pretty messed-up minds.

One cannot but feel that the production and costume designers would not have had to work as hard as they have if only the writing wasn’t so full of fluff.

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The airy-fairy aphorisms that Gehraiyaan strings together are as rousing as WhatsApp good mornings – life is all about choices, believe in yourself, give yourself a chance…

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The comfort of shallow waters can be terribly misleading especially when a film such as this arrogates to itself the task of showing the world how to navigate the waves when they get big on you.

The movie is all about youthful, adventurous love, but it is utterly devoid of humour and zing. When it tries to lighten up, it falls flat.

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Here is a sample: “Soch rahi hoon pottery classes shuru karoon,” says one of the characters. The response that she elicits scrapes the absolute bottom of the barrel: “Mujhe laga tu potty trained hai!” That is the sort of depth Gehraiyaan plumbs.

The film starts off as a tale of kinship marred by forbidden love, then slowly turns into a half-baked drama about corporate overreach that harps on valuation gaps, bad loans and unclean books, and finally assumes the contours of a dark take on the consequences of a clandestine love affair gone horribly wrong.

An act precipitated by deadly desperation brings a tottering triangle to a laboured, unconvincing end, leaving one wondering what the fuss was all about.

Gehraiyaan Movie Download

Gehraiyaan, director Shakun Batra’s third film, is written by him with Ayesha DeVitre Dhillon and Sumit Roy. It has four main characters.

They answer to names that are short and sweet – Alisha, Tia, Zain and Karan. But their ways are meandering and muddled. Thanks to their failings and foibles, confusion reigns.

One of the two couples breaks up, another starts a dalliance that quickly turns serious, and yet another is on the verge of getting hitched. All the emotional heaving and thrashing that the quartet indulges in yields a vacuous, repetitive rigmarole.