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Godse Full Movie Download In Hindi HQ Dubbed HDRip

Godse Full Movie Download In Hindi HQ Dubbed HDRip: When several high-profile officers are taken hostage by a man who calls himself Godse, a police investigator is pulled over to lead the conversation.

The Telugu film starring Satya Deva has an intriguing story of police-politicians nexus, but fails to add up. When people pick up a gun, they often assume they are working for a greater cause, be it Nathuram Godse or Nayak Vishwanath (Nath in the name is just a resemblance).

When people take up guns, they often believe they are working for a larger purpose, be it Nathuram Godse or the protagonist Vishwanath (Nath in the name is just one similarity) in the film.

Godse Full Movie Download In Hindi

Nath is a rich businessman who lives in London with his wife. The film starts with a cop (Aishwarya Lekshmi) walking away from her pelli choopulu to a crime scene where a pregnant woman is held hostage.

Godse a.k.a Vishwanath Ramachandra is impatient. He wants to teach politicians and businessmen, cops and security agencies, media moguls and whoever wields power in the system a lesson.

He abducts unscrupulous bigwigs with utter ease and hides them in some undisclosed location. He calls up the top cops of the State and starts throwing tantrums.

Godse Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

The film has a flashback that goes on and on. The hopeless, laborious attempt at making us sympathize with the protagonist’s plight, his friends’ plight, his friends’ parents’ plight, his wife’s plight, and the plight of millions of unemployed people starts getting on our nerves.

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The film raises passing questions about under-employment by over-employing the device of flashbacks.

The vigilantism element and the melodrama built around the problem of unemployment are tiringly outdated. You got to tell a vigilante story in a stylish manner, as ‘Vikram’ recently did. In ‘Godse’, the characters are uni-dimensional, loud, over-sentimental, or unintentionally comical.

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From the DGP to the Commissioner and Ministers, everyone is stunned into silence or over-reaction. As Godse coolly hurls ultimatums, the entire system is worried that it has been made to crawl.

Everyone shows extraordinary fear. Even a trainee spy or RAW agent in real life knows that psy ops have to be deployed in the face of a hardened anti-social element, but in this film, everyone just goes weak in the knee at the first opportunity.

Satyadev as Godse confines to his usual performance. There is nothing much for him to experiment in this routine political thriller.

Godse Full Movie Download In Telugu Ibomma

Aishwarya Lekshmi gets the role of Negotiation Officer in the Police Department that doesn’t let her shine. Her character fails to impress.

Director Gopi Ganesh chose a wafer-thin plot which has no novelty. It is an ordinary story of a white collar turning to crime for his personal loss.

Touted to be a political thriller, Godse boils down to a regular revenge drama. The film tests the patience of viewers. Background music isn’t appealing.

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Director’s attempt to portray her glamour in this thriller goes for a toss. Sijju Menon’s antagonist role is underdeveloped. The film has a lot of actors, but none of them leave any impact.

Prudhvi, Brahmaji, Tanikella Bharani, Naga Babu (Guest role), Priyadarshi, Chaitanya Krishna et al are seen in short roles. But it is Satyadev who gets maximum screen presence.

The first half of the film doesn’t offer much. It is amusing that whomever Godse wants to present in front of his call from the investigation office, the police bosses obey. The interval episode isn’t interesting enough either.